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Academy of Visual and Performing Arts


Welcome to The Academy of Visual and Performing Arts at La Sierra University!

We offer private music instruction and group classes in music, art, and drama.

Instruction is open to all in the community in and around  Riverside, California for students of all ages.  With our group classes for adults and children, The Academy(AVPA) will provide a great introduction and foundation in a variety of music, art, and drama courses.  Courses offered include pottery, photography, dramatic improvisation, ukulele, guitar, and garage band.  In addition to our group classes, AVPA’s highly esteemed music program offers private instruction appropriate for beginning students as well as advanced training taught by our master teachers.

All classes take place on the La Sierra University campus and are taught by experienced, qualified, professional teachers.

You are sure to broaden your artistic horizons at The Academy of Visual and Performing Arts at La Sierra University, and we invite you to pursue your interest in the arts with us.

For young and not so young, come and unlock your artistic potential!

If you have any interest, please fill out inquiry form here.


The Academy of Visual and Performing Arts (AVPA) at La Sierra University is committed to providing artistic instruction of the highest quality for students of all levels and ages in the community.  The Academy is devoted to fostering a learning environment that educates, inspires, engages and nurtures students in the development of a lifelong appreciation of the visual and performing arts.

Academy of Visual and Performing Arts Director

Dr. Martin Glicklich is the Director of the Academy of Visual and Performing Arts. He is also the director of the Summer Music Programs that are offered every June.

He is excited to be collaborating with both the Department of Art and Drama in creating this new academy through La Sierra University.

Dr. Glicklich is also a part of the music faculty of La Sierra University. He directs the flute ensemble and teaches private lessons.