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Student Life Mission Statement:

Student Life seeks to nurture Christian values, support academic excellence and develop servant leaders who are discerning, informed and connected to their local and global communities.

Vice President's Summer Message 2014

Happy Summer!

This summer my life theme has been “living the adventure!” With my son away working at summer camp, my husband and I dusted off our old tent and decided to spend every weekend of July on a new campsite enjoying the outdoors and unplugging from the craziness of life.


We began in Yosemite National Park and ended close to home in a remote campsite on Lake Arrowhead.  I came away with five life lessons…each has a story you’ll have to ask me in person about…but here they are:

5.  Camping requires pre-planning…what no tent?!?

4.  Time away gives relationships space to reconnect…How did you know that?!!

3.  Life is lived best when in community…Sabbath friends…

2.  The sky is so much bigger and beautiful when its allowed to shine on its own…camp fire must turn off?!?

1.  My soul dances…it really does!  (Yosemite beauty!!)


I pray you have taken the time this summer to give your soul the space to breathe, listen, and dance.  I pray you’ve made time with family and friends to reconnect and restore relationships.  Summer is not over…so if you haven’t…begin.


To all our SM’s across the globe, we are praying for you. Thank you for answering the call!  To our students returning in the Fall, we miss you!  Be safe and hurry back!  And to all of you new and transfer students…can’t wait to meet you.Get ready for a God-filled Adventure!


Yami Bazan

La Sierra University

Vice President of Student Life








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