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Dear story tellers:

It's what we do that reveals what we believe - who we are - more than what we say.


The future - the end of the story - can be predicted by the past - the beginning of the story - but there's always room for a twist in the middle.


Our choices, more than any other single factor, determine the course our lives take.  Will we say yes, or no, to the call to adventure?


It's the compassion of our heart that softens the harshness of our head's view of the world.  It's the intelligence of our minds that allows our hearts to move beyond sentiment and take effective action.





All of these 'philosophical' truisms are best taught using the language of stories.


Storytelling is the language that heals the rift between our heads and our hearts.  Whatever pain you personally face, whatever pain society faces, storytelling is and has been the language of healing and understanding.


This is part of the reason why today storytelling is the fundamental language that all cultures on the earth can understand.



Apply today and start telling your story!

We are on the quarter system, so you can start almost any time of the year!


Start filming from day one!


Check out a short cut by our students on a trip to Los Angeles with the Art Department.

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