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Welcome to Communication at La Sierra University

Communiction is the essential infrastructure in which people connect with one another using words, symbols and behaviors. We learn to understand life through the different forms of communication which have shaped people's lives throughout history.


At La Sierra University, you can choose from three different emphases: media studies, public relations, and strategic communication.


While other disciplines focus on particular content areas, Communication first builds the relationships between people. The intent is to craft our messages to address the needs of our audiences. Communication is about empowering, influencing, and connecting with others; bringing more voices into the conversation.


Here are some careers that Communication graduates pursue

  • Public Relations Specialist
  • News Reporter
  • Journalist
  • Sports Announcer
  • Nonprofit Organization Director
  • College Admissions Counselor
  • Television Producer
  • Motivational Speaker

Department Info

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Our Students

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Upcoming Events

ICA Annual Conference- Communication and "the Good Life"

Seattle- May 22-26, 2014

How do new media technologies save our interests? Are we connecting with each other- or disconnecting? This conference will take a look at these and many other questions and the ways we now live.



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