Spring Quarter 2014

Date Program Speaker Location
Apr 03 University Worship Pastor Sam Leonor - Chaplain LSU Church
Apr 10 Breakout Worship
Click here for locations
Apr 15 Earth Day Assembly TBA
Apr 17 University Worship Pastor Sam Leonor - Chaplain LSU Church
Apr 22 Spiritual Emphasis Week Students LSU Church

Apr 23

Spiritual Emphasis Week Students LSU Church
Apr 24 Spiritual Emphasis Week Students LSU Church
May 01 Breakout Worship Click here for locations
May 06 Assemblies by College & Schools Click here for locations
May 08

University Worship

Pastor Sam Leonor - Chaplain LSU Church
May 15 Breakout Click here for locations
May 22 University Worship Missions Dedication LSU Church
May 29 Breakout Click here for locations
June 05 University Worship Seniors LSU Church

Breakout Worship

Breakout Description Location
The First Year Experiment First Year Experiment is for first-year students (freshmen and transfer students) at La Sierra University, but welcomes all students. FYE exists to create opportunities for students to experience Jesus Christ and maintain a personal relationship with Him in everyday life. - Led by Ashlee Sumilat

LSU Church

Life In Christ The life that we are talking about is not just a life of existence.  It is not existing as a Christian but being a Christian.  A life fully immersed in Christ is actually a life worth living.  We all have hurts, joys, pain, happiness, but still, we live.  Whether we realize it or not, we are not alone.  We live this life in community with those around us and with Christ; and allowing Him to join you makes you come alive! - Led by Chris Kaatz and Lauren Lopez Hole Memorial Auditorium
LUNA LUNA stands for Latinos United from Nations Abroad and they are the hispanic club on campus. This BOW is for anyone that wants to know more about the hispanic culture while gaining fellowship and a closer relationship with God. - Led by LUNA Club Officers La Sierra Hall 204
Nicaragua Mission Trip BOW For students and faculty who went to the NIcaragua Mission Trip during Spring break. - Led by Linda Biswas Zapara SB 235
Women and the Word Examine the Christian tradition, Adventist beliefs and practices, and scripture exegesis from a feminist perspective, finding yourself in the stories of women in Scripture. Engage in reflective conversation and consider new ways of seeing, believing and being. - Led by Sasha A. Ross Humanities Building 201(Old SBM)
Neurotic Squid Talks, discussions, and rants about things that matter. - Led by Dr. Lloyd Trueblood and Sean Evans Cossentine Hall 100
Words that Speak Out Loud Getting to know Christ more by learning how to see him in a new perspective with old stories. - Led by Pastor Chin Angwin Hall Chapel
I AM Second A short film based BreakOut Worship, created to inspire a walk with God and others. - Led by Martin Corona & Sammy Munguia San Fernando Hall 203
Divinity School Forum This is a group where HMS Richards Divinity School students can come together as a cohesive community of religion majors and talk about pressing issues both in religious and theological circles in an open, honest format without any judgment or repercussions. - Led by Derrick Cruz La Sierra Hall 222
Relevant Films Faith, Culture and Intentional Living. - Led by Abram Solano La Sierra Hall 307

Assembly Locations by College and Schools

Department Location
Social Work

Gladwyn 227

Biology Cossentine Hall 100
World Languages Gladwyn 201
School of Education School of Education 206
School of Business Troesch Center (ZSB)
Health and Exercise Science Cossentine Hall 102
HMS Richards Divinity School Angwin Chapel
Physics San Fernando Hall 203
Pre-Health Hole Memorial Auditorium
Art Visual Art Center 101
Math Price Science Complex 146
Psychology Visual Art Center 102
History La Sierra Hall 325
Women's Resource Center Alumni Center (In front of Natural Food Store)
Communications Matheson Chapel
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