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The Process In Brief

1.    Faculty submit their Annual Faculty Reports to chair only; electronic copy preferred.  Due by 5pm on the Spring Quarter Friday before Finals Week (2015 deadline: June 5).

2.   Chairs use faculty reports to create Annual Program Report; submit this to school/college Dean and to Assessment Committee (; electronic copy preferred). Due by 5pm on the first Monday in July (2015 deadline: July 6).

Copies of Annual Faculty Reports included for Dean, but not Assessment Committee.

3.   Assessment Committee reviews program reports and provides feedback to each program by the first day of Fall quarter; submits summary report to University Council, Provost, CFO, and Strategic Planning Committee by the second Monday in Fall quarter.

Assessment Committee archives Annual Program Reports for reference purposes (available to other programs/departments for teaching purposes).

The Annual Assessment Report is due the first Monday in July (2015 deadline: July 6).

Peer Review of Teaching

Each year, faculty review the teaching of their peers as arranged by their department head.  This is the recommended template, and here is a document discussing issues in the peer review of teaching.

Program Review


Sample Alignment Matrix (Course to Department to University)