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Studies Abroad


This program is open to all majors. Students whose program can be arranged to allow for one or more elective years within the four-year curriculum have been able to fit in the year abroad by carefully planning the years preceding and following the overseas experience.

Prerequisites for admission to a year of study abroad through ACA are:

  1. Admission as a regular student at La Sierra University for the year abroad
  2. Competence in the language (minimum: one year of college or two years of secondary study, except for summer programs)
  3. A GPA of 3.00 in the language and 2.50 overall
  4. A good citizenship record
  5. Applications to the Office of Admissions using the special ACA forms
  6. Ability to meet the financial requirements. Costs, including transportation, are comparable to Adventist colleges and universities in the United States
  7. Attendance at an ACA Orientation meeting, held at La Sierra University
  8. Completion of all remedial classes at La Sierra University

If you have any questions, call the Studies Abroad Office at 951-785-2958 or email the Director of the Program, Esther Saguar at esaguar@lasierra.edu

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