Adult Evening Programs


The Division of Continuing Studies (DCS) is specifically designed for adult students—at least 22 years of age—returning to college. If you would like to complete your bachelor’s degree but have limited time and financial resources, we have the solutions that may make the difference.

Degree Programs

Two degree programs are offered through the Division of Continuing Studies:

  • Liberal Arts (Bachelor of Arts)
  • Social Work (Bachelor of Social Work)

La Sierra University's Division of Continuing Studies offers a flexible degree completion program in which you can move through the required courses as slowly or as quickly as your personal schedule allows, and you can modify your class schedule quarter to quarter. Each class typically meets one night a week, 6:30 - 9:50 pm, for ten weeks.  Classes only meet Monday through Thursday, leaving your weekends free to study or spend time with your family and friends.

Programs in the Division of Continuing Studies allow you

  • Study at your own pace, taking up to three courses per quarter with flexible schedules
  • Attend evening classes one night per week
  • Finish a degree program in 18 to 48 months
  • Learn from faculty highly respected in their fields
  • Be part of a small class of 20 or fewer students
  • Receive personalized attention from a dedicated academic advisor
  • Work on real-world projects such as research assignments and internships



  • Last update on  September 03, 2014