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Honors Program


Did you graduate from the Honors Program or the Interdisciplinary Program? Please let us know where you are and what's new.

Honors Scholarship Projects

As part of the curriculum Honors students participate in academic research in collaboration with a selected faculty member. This research culminates in a paper, production, or exhibition including a presentation to the Honors Program faculty and students at the annual Honors Thesis Symposium.


Name Major Project Title
Hernandez, Paula BS Political Economy 365 Days: My Journey as an Entrepreneur
Hirata, Alexander BA English: Writing The 19th: Letters to Kirsten
Huso, Chelsey BA History Sister City Relationships: A study of the Dynamic Sister City Initiative and The Shift Toward Global Citizen Diplomacy
Knecht, Alexander BMu Music Performance:Strings Chebyshev Sets and their Generalizations
MacDonald, Matthew BS Biomedical Science Viruses from Extreme Saline Environments: Identification and Characterization
Miller, Caitlin BA Spanish An Argentinean Education
Pang, Nilmini BS Biochemistry Sensitizing Multidrug Resistant PANC-1 Cells using Pluronic Triblock Copolymers
Spence, Sterling BA Religious Studies The Restless Pilgrimage: Where the Community and the Christian Collide
Tout, Justin BS Biology Proposal for Improvements in Cambodia's Overall Community Health Conditions Through a Comparative Health Assessment Between Rural and Urban Populations




Project Title
2010 August, Alicia Rosa Individual Examining Relief Provided by NGOs in Haiti (After the Earthquake)
2010 Bahnan, Ramona Biology: Biomedical Science Undercover Species: The Hon Son Island Pitviper
2010 Correa, Julian Emmanuel Biology: Biomedical Science, Pyschobiology From Bush to Bedside: Effects of the Plants' Extracts on Cancerous Cells
2010 De la Paz, Jed Music Solo Deo Gloria
2010 Jaggers, Zachary Scott Spanish, Individual Idee Fixe
2010 Lopez, Alexandra Roces Marketing Starting A Small Business
2010 Montoya, Nelly Aida Global Studies Ordinary Amazing
2010 Riderer, Hilda Lucia Psychobiology Nonverbal Communication Across Cultures
2010 Silpanisong,Jinjutha Biology: Biomedical Science Effect of Carbohydrate Structures on Human Glioblastoma
2010 Smith, Ruth Katherine Psychobiology Developmental Changes of Task Dissociation Between Cognition and Action
2010 Suarez, Karolyna Isabel Management The Decision-Making Processes of Physician Groups
2010 Talbot, Ciara Shanis Art 32° 20´ N 64° 45´ W
2010 Walker, Robert Leo Biophysics An Investigation of Interacting and Fire Neurons in Complex Networks
2010 Wang, Canty Biochemistry Archaeology in Science: Analysis of Iron Age I Jordanian Pithos with Thin Section Analysis
2010 York, Patrick Garret English: Writing I Told the Doctor I Got a Good Heart: A Stage Play
2009 Bermudez, Gianina Marie Psychology Who Benefits from Visual Self-expression?
2009 Bosse, Christian Sumner Mathematics, Spanish Fractal Image Compression
2009 Chun, Julia Practice Management American Health Care Reform Proposal Part I: Government-Run Systems
2009 Cuenca, Maryln Biomathematics Modeling the Spread of Lyme Disease
2009 Helu, Maryana Mercedes Pyshobiology Academic Veracity and Academic Success in University Students
2009 Muchinyi, Juliana Evonne Management American Health Care Reform Proposal Part II: Market-based Health Care
2009 Mursic, Zachary Allen Biology: Biomedical Science Mycorrhiza and Other Growth Factors in the Santa Rosa Plateau
2009 Pattanaprommas, Valitsinee Biology: Biomedical Science Phylogenetic Systematics of Newly-found Pit Viper Species (genus Cryptelytrops) and Gekkonid Species (Cyrtodatylus intermedius)
2009 Rubio, Sergio Rafael Biomathematics The Effects of Oxidative Stress on Bone Mineralization in UMR 106-01 BSP Cell
2009 Skoretz, Katherine Alaina English: Writing Daybreak: Jerusalem
2008 DeLeon, Kevin Joel Biochemistry The Effects of Gleevec (STI-571) on Glioblastoma
2008 Hori, Adam Toshiro Finance The Quality of Education at the School of Business
2008 House, Larissa Social Work
2008 Ibarra, Zulema Individual America: Land of the Poor
2008 Kim, PyoungHwa Peace Biology: Biomedical Science Future Conflict Over Water in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) in the Next Fifty Years is Unlikely
2008 Marovitch, Deborah Global Studies The Workings of International Development: Grassroots Beginnings or Imported Implementation
2008 Obeid, Rindala Issa Biology: Biomedical Science International Students and Culture Shock: Longing for Belonging
2008 Pennington, Megan Lindsay English: Writing Boyd Penington: The Smog Rat
2008 Tyler, Michael English: Writing Star Wars: Alternate Episode I: Converging Fates
2007 Helu, Xousaen Biochemistry Role of Human pim-1 Proto-oncogene in NGF-differentiated and Undifferentiated PC12 Cells
2007 Koh, Clayton Suh Chang Liberal Studies: Biology
2007 Krueger, Diana Rose History Caught Between a Modernist History and Postmodern Potential: Death and the Afterlife in Star Trek: Voyager as a Microcosm of Contemporary American Society
2007 Lemasters, Rebecca Lynn English: Literature Rewind: Letters to All My Ex-Lovers
2007 Marchand, Natalie Lauren Psychobiology Line-up Identification Using Suspect Description and Composite Matched Strategies
2007 Modell, Niccole Christine Music, Music Performance The Hula: A Case for Dance in Church
2007 Monickam, Sarah L. Health Science Neurochemical Influences in Romantic Relationships
2007 Ostrander, Alicia Marie Spanish
2007 Webster, Kevin Biophysics A Mathematical Framework for Error Propagation in Stereotactic Transformations used for Functional Proton Radiosurgery
2006 Asumen, Maritess Joy Fiel Exercise Sci: Scientific Basis The Physics Behind Rock Climbing
2006 Brown, Jillian Colleen Psychobiology Paternalistic Interactions in Medical Care: Aging Effects or Cohort Effects?
2006 Fleming, Bethany Marissa Spanish A Historical Background on Peace
2006 Nepomuceno, Noel San Jose Biochemistry The Application of Theoretical Linear Solvation Energy Relationships to Antiviral Assays
2006 Meier, Felisa Anne Religious Studies The Russian Molokan Spiritual Jumpers: The Impact of Pacificism on a Religious Movement
2006 Solis, Saida Lynneth Psychology The Process of Institutionalizing Service-Learning in Community Partners: Building a Model
2006 Sparks, Hillary Michelle Anne History Fair Trial Theory and the Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia: Did Milosevic Stand a Chance?
2006 Tucker, Jessica English: Writing Broken Bottles
2005 Chun, Jenee Vanessa Biology: Biomedical Science Tissue Inhibitors of Metalloproteinases and Their Implications in Tumor Morphology and Invasion
2005 Davis, Jennifer K Music Education Rags to Riches: From the Rags of Joplin to Popular Jazz of Gershwin; An Exploration in Early 20th Century Music
2005 Dunn, Daniel William Computer Science Microprocessors Can Control Analog Signals
2005 Ng, Daniel Kong-Ti Psychobiology Development of a Test to Assess Nonverbal Communication in the Physician/Patient Interaction
2005 Pennington, Kristin Lacey Liberal Studies The Issue of Female Aggression/Communication in the Medium of Children's Literature
2005 Pierce, Brishette M Communication Israel, Sojourners and Nations of the Promised Land in the Book of Deuteronomy
2005 Razzouk, Jay Nabil Business: Accounting After the First Twenty Years (Another History of La Sierra University)
2005 Soh, Margaret Sarah Biology: Biomedical Science Good Fences Make Good Neighbors: Effects of Sodium Butyrate on Brain Tumor Matrix Metalloprotinase-9 Breakdown of Barrier Collagen
2005 Ursales, Anna Leigh Ornopia Biology: Biomedical Science Invasion of the Killer Cells: Exploring the Inhibitory Effects of Butyrate on the Invasive and Metastatic Properties of Glioma Cells
2004 Beltz, Emily Suzanne Music Education Songs and Arias Inspired by Texts by Goethe
2004 Carmona, Claudia Ruth Psychobiology Four Female American Black Poets: Testing the Strengths and Weaknesses of Computational and Human Analyses of Personality
2004 Hankins, Raewyn Jean Religious Studies Sharing the Good News: How 'Good' Is It? The Problems of Preaching in the Context of Wholistic Evangelism
2004 Harris, Petal Rosita History A Comparative Analysis of the Reception of Auguste Comte's Teachings in France and Brazil
2004 Hong, Joshua Lafayette Music Korean Lyric Songs: The Next Genre's Development and Its Four Pioneers
2004 Kagoda, Mercy Ellen Individual An Integrative Approach to AIDS/HIV in South Africa
2004 Kim, Elliot History One More Dead: An Investigation into the Death of George Manuel Ahumada and Riverside Police Department Policy in Casablanca
2004 Kim, Julie Eunju History An Analysis of the Prosecution of Medical Atrocities in the Nuremberg Trial and Tokyo War Crimes Trial
2004 Lee, Grace Jung Min Biology Role of Family and Social Environment on Academic Outcome of Adolescents
2004 Moorthy, Jean Esther Biology: Biomedical Science More or Better? How Cell Adhesion to Extracellular Matrix is Regulated Through Integrin
2004 Nelson, Gregory Vaughn Religious Studies An Anatomy of AIDS Response: A Case Study of the Nyalgunga Widows and Orphans Development and Education Project as Grassroots Response to AIDS in Kenya
2004 Parsons, Katherine Amelia English: Literature The Priorities of a Queen: Queen Elizabeth I and the Huguenot
2004 Tonstad, Kristel Manal Individual At Home in the World: Global Nomads as International Students
2004 Webster, Rochelle Catheryne Individual Jesus and the Market: How Then Shall We Live?
2004 Wolcott, Robert Branden Religious Studies Satan, Devil, and Demons in the New Testament: Origin and Interpretation
2003 Boyle, Danica Individual Between Two Worlds: The Immigration Experience of Mexican and Central American Women in California
2003 Brooks, Debra Music En Tartete Musik: Music Suppressed by the Thrid Reich
2003 Conferido, Dahlie Ann English: Literature The Home Front
2003 Ferreras, Marlene Mayra Religious Studies Genesis 38,  A Story of Loss and Reclamation: Tamar and Latina Immigrants in the United States
2003 Francois, Annie Psychobiology A Biological Approach to Extraversion
2003 Galaviz, Susana Business Administration Civil War: Can It Be Prevented?
2003 Gibson, Apryl M. Spanish Cambio: The Exchange Rate of Travel
2003 Gonzales, Ernest Eli Music American Violin Music: New Sounds for an Old Instrument
2003 Gromis, Meghanne Psychobiology The Practitioner-Patient Relationship
2003 Hwang, Jeff Music Music and Politics: Shostakovich vs. Stalin
2003 Liang, Reed Biology: Human Biology The Role of Carbohydrates in the Regulation of Brain Tumor Cell Adhesion: Sequencing Carbohydrate Structures That Regulate Adhesion
2003 Morales, Erick Saul Ramirez Jr. Music Education, Music Performance The Role and Development of Classical Music in Cartoons
2003 Nelson, Vanessa English: Writing The Power of Priority
2003 Pender, Ross Biology: Biomedical Science Localization and Quantification of Fibroblast Growth Receptors in Developing Retina
2003 Ramos, Jeremy Graphic Design To Constantly Improve
2003 Sogioka, Kimberly Music Performance Music of the Gypsies in Five Cultures
2003 Toguchi, Mika Human Biology, Biophysics Analysis of Bystander Effect in Giloma Cells Infected with Recombinant Vaccinia Virus Carrying Herpes Simplex Virus Thymidine Kinase Gene
2003 Wah, Desmond Biophysics Is Q-Slice Imaging Predictive of Pathology in Neurodegenerative Disorders?
2002 Abella, Lena Psychology State Self-Esteem and Perceived Threat in Biracial Individuals as a Result of the Forced Choise of One Race Over Another
2002 Beeson, Craig Psychology Religious Maturity in Light of Arnett's Emerging Adulthood Stage
2002 Carrillo, Margarita Psychology- General/Experimental The Relationship Between Coordiante Bilingual Children and the Production of Affect in Spanish Language
2002 Castro, Curtis Psychology- Personality/Clinical Development and Validtaion of a Measure of State Collective Self-Esteem
2002 Crowder, Kirstin Biology Using Karyotyping to Detect Chromosomal Abnormalities in Brain Tumor Cells
2002 Fleming, Monte Music A Photographic Study of War and Peace
2002 Kendall, David Music Performance A History of th Euphonium and Its Players
2002 Kim, Jane Biology: Human Biology Sticky Sweets: The Relationship Between Cell Surface Sugars and Tumor Cell Adhesion
2002 Kolawole, Olubukonla Psychology Ethnicity and Career Control in College Athletes
2002 Lee, Sarah Biology How Buty Changed the Beast: Temporal Expression of Brain Tumor Matrix Metalloproteinases with Sodium Butyrate Treatment
2002 Leukert, Aimee Music, Liberal Studies: Music Petrushka: Purpose, Plot, and Performance
2002 Loveless, Cara Music Mad Songs and Arias
2002 Mendoza, Robyn Liberal Studies: Child Development Students' Attitudes Regarding Math as a Result of a Multiple Intelligences Approach
2002 Ota, Lora Chew Business Administration 360 Degree Appraisal for Dental Practices
2002 Penington, Somer English: Literature Six Dead Goldfish and Other Failures: Quiet Momens of Significance in a Collegiate Life
2002 Poblete, Patricia English: Writing Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Mary: The Monoglogues
2002 Ramirez, Eric Music The Role and Development of Classical Music in Cartoons
2002 Saesim, Aimee Liberal Studies/Music Petrushka: Purpose, Plot, Performance
2002 Sandefur, Justin Political Economics Diego's Donkey: A Gringo Journey Through the Politics of Mexican Education
2002 Sorensen, Derek Biophysics MRI Imaging and Hippocampal Excitabiltiy in a Rat Model of Alzheimer's Disease
2002 Stahlnecker, Leilani Music Gretchen's Vocal Music from Goethe's Faust
2002 Tauro, Raenelle Jennifer Reyes Communication What is the Missing Link?: A Review of the Communication Between Supervisor and Student Employee
2002 Webster, Gregory Religious Studies, Psychology Towards and Adventist Theology of Holy Saturday
2001 Bills, Randy Music Afterthoughts: A Journey in Song
2001 Christman, Carl English Deification
2001 Gonzales, Erwin Biochemistry Computational Studies of Diels-Alder Reactions
2001 Karolyi, Christina Joy Liberal Studies
2001 Khoo, Kathy Graphic Design A New Perspective
2001 Marson, Kristy Biology A Behavioral Study of Interactions Between Sceloporus orcutti, Sceloporus occidentalis, and Uta stansburiana
2001 Mindoro, Erin Business Conditional Risk and Return in Bank Holding Company Stocks: Evidence from the Emerging Market of South Africa
2001 Nicolas, Jan Biochemistry Comparing Expression of the Ikaros Gene in Normal and Leukemic Cells
2001 Puen, Kimberly Individual Major The Study of Reverse Culture Shock on Returned Student Missionaries and their Integration back into their Pre-Missionary Culture
2001 Song, Michael Biology Differentiation Drugs After Astrocytoma Growth and Morphology of Spheroid
2001 Tonstad, Lynn Marie Individual
2001 Walters, Christina Liberal Studies A Comparison of Faith Maturity Among North American Youth
2001 Wayner, Emily Music A New Method
2001 Yung, Kar-Yee Graphic Design A New Perspective
2000 Adeoye, Olusanjo Olaulewa Biophysics Exodus: An African Student Threads the Concept of Race in America
2000 Carter, Bonnie Jeanne Cafferky History Saints Alive: The One Hundred Years of Heroic Irish Christianity
2000 Choi, James Yoo Suk Psychobiology The Zone:  Relations with Competitiveness Personality and Gender
2000 Duerksen, Julene Communication Designing and Implementing Electronic Communities for Public Relations and Journalism Students, Professors and Professionals
2000 Duran-Meza, Maritza History Dr. Iner Sheld-Ritchi: Establishing a Paradigm of Service
2000 Galambos, Connie Communication From Diversity, Community?: The Semantics of Institutional Multiculturalism at La Sierra University
2000 Guth, Brian Richard History Say Good-Bye to the Indians: Stanford's Decision to Change the Indian Mascot
2000 Izvernari, Kimberly Christina Biology: Human Biology Controlling Metastasis: Are Carbohydrates Involved
2000 Karimpour, Mona Biology: Human Biology The Relationships Between Aggregation and Redox States of L-Dopa Melanin
2000 Kim, Jessica Michelle History "There are not so many Chinamen as there were before." A History of Chinese Exclusion in Riverside
2000 Leukert, Kristian Klaus Music Education/Performance The Reconstruction and Edition of an Anonymous Trumpet Concerto
2000 Makary, Meriam Shawky Biology: Human Biology The Effects of Neuroleptic Drugs on the Structure and Function of Neuromelanin
2000 Oh, Grace Music Performance Recital in Music: Music from the World War II Years
2000 Ross, Sasha Anne French, History and Political Science These Inalienable Rights: An Academic Symposium on Gender and Human Rights
2000 Wang, William Biology: Human Biology Asian Panethnicity: The Formation of Pan-Asian Consciousness
2000 Wareham, Rachelle Elen Music Recital in Music: A Comparative Demonstration of Viola de Gambo and Cello Techniques
2000 Weismeyer, Michael Brett Mathematics The Chaotic World of Fractals
2000 Welebir, Morgan Patrick History Jean Toomer's Kabnis: The Fictional Re-creation of African American Spirituality Post-Reconstruction
2000 Wong, Nelson Ryan Biology: Zoology Mitochandial DNA Phyogeography of Sand Snakes, Chilomeniscus from Northwestern Mexico and Southern Arizona
1999 Beck, Jason Gary Biophysics Pulsed-Source Gated-Detection Phosphorimetry
1999 Ching, Candice Lacey Business Administration Weapon of Choice: Attorney Jokes or Attorney Jokes, the Weapon of Choice
1999 Chung, Cherin S Biology Altered Morphology, Adhesion and Glycosidase Release in U87MG Tumor Cells Differentiated with Retinoic Acid and HMBA
1999 Ganchingco, Barbara Jane Biology Does Cell Growth Rate or Tumor Drug Therapy Affect the Karyotype and Number of Chromosomes in Brain Tumor Cells?
1999 Henken, Heather Elaine Biology An Analysis of the Working Woman's Image in the Ladies Home Journal During the 1970s
1999 Lauer, Ryan Elliott Biology: Human Biology The Effects of Lectin Resistance on the Adhesion Properties of Astrocytoma Cells
1999 Nahab, Fadi Basil Biology: Human Biology Differentiation Therapy: Modifications of Human Brain Tumor Cells by Butyrate
1999 Peters, Mark Jason Biology Kermit the Frog meets Charlotte's Web: Are Large Spiders (Family Theraphosidae) Significant Predators of the Poison Arrow Frog Dendrobates Auratus
1999 Phung, Anthony Tan Biology
1999 Ross, Emelly Beth History, French The French Language and National Identity: The debates of Feminization and Americanization
1999 Shinozuka, Jeannie History, Political Science
1999 Walters, Wendy Michelle Biology Assessing the Melanin Content of Eleutherodactylus, Leptodactylidae Skin by Photoacoustic Spectroscopy
1998 Bauer, Charisa Renee Business Administration/Management & Entrepreneurship Children in Sports
1998 Brooks, Stephanie Catherine Individual Pays Basque: A Case Study in Language and Identity
1998 Burr, Shasta Michelle Communication Monday Morning God (A Non-denomination Weekly Devotional Book Written for College Students, by College Students)
1998 Camacho, Leslie Steven Marketing
1998 Chan, Ping-suen Business Administration/Management & Entrepreneurship TQM in Hong Kong: An Analysis of the Extent of Use in Hong Kong Industries
1998 Chaya, Craige John Biology: Human Biology Chemosensory Behavior in Juvenile Octopus and the Implications on Survivorship
1998 Cobanov, Brando Biology: Human Biology Pigment Aggregation During the Reduction of Cytochrome C by L-dopa Melanin
1998 Emery, Shasta Michelle Communication Monday Morning God (a non-denomination weekly devotional book written for college students, by college students from every state.)
1998 George, Lijia P. Biology, Psychology-General/Experimental Gender Differences In Memory with Various Emotional Effects
1998 Holand, Robert Mark Graphic Design Slideshow Online
1998 Howe, Stephanie Catherine Individual Major Pays Basque: A Case Study in Language and Identity
1998 Kim, Giwon Susie Music French Violin Composers
1998 Nowrangi, Milap Anil Biochemistry Chemiluminescent Detection of Ethanol in Salivary Media
1998 Miller, Libertie Jane Psychology-Personality/Clinical Identification and Prejudice: Effects of Threatening on Majority Group Members
1998 Murillo, Marcela Health Science
1998 Poey, Evelyn Lynette Poey Psychology-Personality/Clinical Attributions and Attitudes Towards People with Aids
1998 Richard, Heather L. Biomathematics A Chemiluminescent Characterization of the EOC-20 Microglial Cell Line
1998 Sharma, Shalu Human Biology A Physiological Look into Myasthenia Gravis--Why One Gender Might be More Susceptible
1998 Sharma, Sanjay Biology
1998 Sihotang, Christevan Nalo Kasenda Biomathematics A Study of Interest Type Math Word Problems
1998 Sutter, Reuben Religious Studies One Nation, Two cultures: Hispano-Guarani Cultural Synchonisms in Paraguay
1997 Brooks, Donald History, Political Science
1997 Chang, David Biology: Human Biology Big Bio for Little Kids
1997 Conner, Kimberly Joyce Biology
1997 Fabella, Abraham Jabonillo Music/Music Education Minimalism and time Perception
1997 Go, Anita Kong Biology: Human Biology Biophysical Studies into the Structure and Function of Neuromelanin
1997 Jones, Janelle R. Psychology-Personality/Clinical Religious Orientation and Belief in Personal Control Among Seventh-day Adventist
1997 Luu, Priscilla Tuyet-Tram Biochemistry Carbohydrate Regulation of tumor Cell Adhesion: Do Glycosidases Modify Adhesion
1997 Pang, Noelene Kin Yun Biology, Art The Least of These: Beauty and the Microbe
1997 Price, Shelly Jean English Medieval Women Saints: Self-Violence and Religious Expression
1997 Silvia, Roland Ministry Studies/Pastoral Ministry How to Minister to an MTV Generation--Youth Ministry for the Year 2000
1997 Sochor, Jana Lynne Mathematics A Social History of the Objectivist Movement
1997 Walls, Brett Jason Business Administration, Marketing, Accounting Marketing study on disposition of computing equipment by small businesses
1997 Wong, Humberto Biology Color Pattern Polymorphism in the Sand Snakes (Serpentes: Colubridae: Chilomeniscus) a Taxonomic Review
1997 Yung, Hung-Hei Business Administration The Mechanics of Cocaine Toxicity and the PC12 Neruonal Cell Line
1996 Brooks, David James Psychology-Personality/Clinical Information Technology, La Sierra University, and the Future
1996 Byrd, Nathan James Mathematics, Physics Dynamics of Strange Attractors in a Predator/Prey Population Model
1996 Carter, Cameo Ashley Psychology-General/Experimental Gender Biases and Attributional Processes in Judgements of Marital Violence
1996 Clarke, Julia Joy English Fear and Amusement: An Audio Portrait of My Generation
1996 Collins, Gustavo Enrique Psychology-General/Experimental Adventist Attitudes Toward the Outgroup as Predicted by a Theoretical Model
1996 Ferguson, Heather Lynn Religion and Literature Womanspirit Writing: Re-casting Feminist Theologies as Biographical Images
1996 Howe, Andrew History Georing and the Jews:  The Economic Dynamic
1996 Kraishosky, Alissa J. Biology Lost Somewhere Between Sunrise and Sunset:  Children Speak About Parent's Battle with Cancer
1996 MacLaughlin, Karen Melinda Accounting Scottish Nationalism: Contemporary Responses to a Historic Movement
1996 McIntyre, Adrian L. Anthropology and Sociology Who Controls the Present Controls on the Past:  The Enola Gay Controversy and the Contested Fields of Culture in America
1996 Nahab, Fatta Basil Biology Acoustic Analysis of the Cricket Gryllodes sigillatus
1996 Rice, Alison Heather English, History, French, Verlaine, Monet, Debussy: An Impressionist Revolution
1996 Winters, Jacqueline Traci Biology Gynogenesis: Past, Present, Future
1996 Yoon, Christine Mi Young History and Political Science Cultural Value Transmission to Children of Asian-Caucasian Couples
1995 Bevenridge, Sherelle Joy Psychology- General/Experimental Attributional Processes Related to Intergroup Conflict: The Rodney King Civil Rights Case
1995 Cushman, Gregory Todd History "A Voice Crying in the Wilderness ": Edward Abbey and the American Ecotourist Movement
1995 Gapuzan, Emily Biology: Microbiology Controlling Brain Tumor Metastasis: Increased Mannose Terminal Glycoproteins in Butyrate Treated Astrocytoma Cells
1995 Jack, Ayana Danette Nadine French Effective Language Teaching: What works?
1995 Perry, Matthew Brent History Riverside Ghosts: A Directory of Local Haunts
1995 Santos, Lovelyn Cruz Psychology- Personality/Clinical Individual Differences in Organ Donation Judgment
1995 Wear, Victor Business Administration The Success of Free Trade: The Effect of NAFTA on the Automobile Industry in the United States and Mexico
1995 Wongworawat, Amnart Andy Marketing Market Feasibility of Touche D'or
1995 Zackrinson, Mark Edwin Information Systems, Management Emerging Communications Technology for Wide-Area Networks
1994 Abudayyeh, Islam Physics Analog Circuit Modeling
1994 Cao, Christopher Udo Communication: Journalism and Publication Fuzzy Theology
1994 Chimienti, Serafina Biology: Human Biology Primary Onset of Reproductivity in Male Archeta domestica
1994 Dablo, Cheryl J. English A "Howl" for the Masses: Imitation and Rebellion in the Works of William Carlos Williams and Allen Ginsberg
1994 Davis, Lisa Michelle Social Work International Social Work and Endangered Children in Thailand: A Lesson from the American Experience
1994 Foo, Ron Shih-Yung Psychobiology Environmental Concerns and Religiosity
1994 Hodge, Laura Jean Psychology-Personality/Clinical Understanding Musical Preference: Emotions and Psychophysiology
1994 Imamasa, Hajime Biology, Anthropology and Sociology An Ecological Study of Two-Bit Mountain and the Campus: What is the Color of Ecology?
1994 Myung, Eunice Music A Search for a Pedagogical Method for the Adult Beginning Viola Student
1994 Peterson, Cheryl Ann Physics, Mathematics Zeeman Effect in Single Crystal Thullim Chloride
1994 Sandefur, Joel French Waco and the Corporatization of Adventism
1994 Sandy, Gisella Laverne Biology Factors Affecting Physician Choice by Patients
1994 Sutter, Nathaniel Barrett Biology The Use of Cross-linking Reagent to Identify a Cell Surface Protein
1994 Yee, Judith Ebbin Biology The Role of Carbohydrates on the Human Astrocytoma Cell Affecting Cell Adhesion
1993 Anderson, Eleanor Biology: Human Biology Morningness, Eveningness and the Performance of Tasks
1993 Carmack, Heather Psychobiology Emotions and the Word Superiority Effect
1993 Eva, Amy English D.H. Lawrence, New Mexico and the American Indian
1993 Garcias, Wesley Art Freedom, Salvation, and Love: An Artistic Vision
1993 Kurts, Jonathan History The Sinking of the F-4
1993 Mallery, James History and Political Science History of Art in Adventism
1993 Newhart, Veronica Ahumada English Rudolfo Anaya-A Look at Chicano Literature
1993 Simental, Michael Biology
1993 Tong, Harrison Wei-Cheh Biology: Human Biology Observations of Astrocytoma Process Spreading on the Extracelluar fibronectin
1993 Tran, Myhanh Thi Anthropology/Bioanthropology Structure and Function of Folk Divination in Modern American-Asian Society
1993 West, Amanda Mathematics The Search for Chaos in Two-dimensional Difference Equation Models
1992 Brown, Bonnie Psychology-Personality/Clinical Ethnic Bias in Judgements of Social Violence
1992 Bryson, George French, History The Professionalism of American Espionage: William J Casey, the O.S.S. and the War Against Hitler
1992 Dunn, Kelly English The Changing Face of Evil: Disfigurement in Literature
1992 Kromann, Todd Psychology-General/Experimental The Effects of Cognition on Emotions
1992 Moya, Frank History and Political Science La Sierra College, Loma Linda University Merger-A View from the Top
1992 Olmsted, Murrey Psychology Ingroup Bias and Attributional Processes in Reactions to Aggression Between Business Corporations
1992 Perry, Jonathan Robert Biochemistry Spacer Effects in the Reactions of Functionalized Polymers
1992 Royo, Leonellen Biology DNA Abstract Expressionism: An Abstract Painting to Convey the Mode of Art in the 1950's
1992 Song, Esther Psychology-Personality/Clinical Semantic vs. Perceptual Processing in Implicit Learning
1992 Wongworawat, Montri D. Biochemistry Reactions of ?-Amino Acid Synthesis and Their Uses in Physiological Applications
1991 Ash, Nikki Mathematics Chaos in a Sine Wave
1991 Bechard, Jason Biochemistry Labeling the Bacterial Chemotaxis Protein Hpr With Fluorescent Probe
1991 Bechard, Jonathan Biology A Study of Attitudes Towards Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in the Out-of-hospital Setting
1991 Bradley, Kelly Psychology-General/Experimental Persuasion Among Siblings
1991 Chang, Eduardo Biochemistry, Biology: Microbiology Cancer Screening Assay Using Monoclonal Antibodies and Photometric Methods of Analysis
1991 Cicle, John Ministry Studies and Pastoral Ministry I Corinthians 11: Some Alternatives
1991 Cimpoeru, Ligia Psychology-Personality/Clinical Ethnic Bias in Mock Jury Decisions Concerning Violent Crimes
1991 Glennie, James Liberal Arts Steps Towards a New Criticism of Rock Music
1991 Guthrie, Ivanna Kay Psychology-General/Experimental Aggression and Intergroup Bias's Effects on Children's Perception of Conflict Situations
1991 Ordas, Joseph Verani E. Biology Selection of Decorative Material by Pugettia gracilis
1991 Wareham, Wendy Music Trial by Fire: The Making of Gilbert & Sullivan's 'Trial by Jury'
1990 Blair, Irene Psychology Attributions of Causality, Responsibility, and Blame in Conflict Situations
1990 Brown, Eric Biology A Possible Explanation for the Distribution Pattern of Pisaster ochraceus in the Pacific Northwest
1990 Chilson, Tamara Biology Exercise Immunology
1990 Dael, Christopher Biology Phonotactic Response in Female Archeta domesticus as it Relates to the Tick Period of the Male Courtship Song
1990 Karlow, Marvin Mathematics, Physics Anistrophic Magnetic Susceptibility of Thullium Trichloride Hexahydrate
1990 Ogilvie, Cloda Psychology-Personality/Clinical Personality Traits that Affect Obesity
1990 Potter, Terri History and Political Science The Birth of the Hells Angels and the Beat Generation: A Comparative Study
1990 Quishenberry, Shannon English Emily Dickinson
1990 Sanchez, Alina Business Administration Customization vs. Standardization in the Global Market
1990 Stevens, Sherrie Communication, Journalism and Public Relations The Criterion-A Study in Color
1989 Aldana, Herman Biology, Art Self-portrait: A Study in Art History References in Contemporary Painting
1989 Costa, Christine Psychology Persuasive Compliance: Situational and Gender Factors
1989 Harper, Roshelle Biology: Zoology A Study of Species Recognition between Peromyscus boylii and Peromyscus californicus
1989 Mallery, Paul Psychology-General/Experimental Expanding an Attribution-empathetic Emotion Model of Helping Behavior in Children
1989 Pendleton, David History and Political Science Jack London: Social Darwinist
1989 Stelneke, Thomas Psychobiology The Heritability of Settling Behavior and Oviposition in Drosophilia Melanogaster
1989 Wong, David T. Biochemisty, Business Administration Macroeconomics Non-linear Theory: A Correlation Model
1988 Berglund, John Mathematics
1988 Chand, Ivonne Psychology, Behavioral Science
1988 Davis, Warren Clark History and Political Science From Tom Haydn to Alex P. Keaton College Students Face a Harsh New World
1988 Gallant, Roger Biology
1988 Garbutt, Carlos Enrique Ministry Studies To Speak As A Child
1988 Le, Tolan Biochemistry Phosphoglucoisomerase Isolation and Purification from Sweet Potato by Affinity-Elution Chromatography
1988 Newball, Vivienne Consonant Cluster Usage in Free Speech vs. Single Word Naming
1987 Akrawi, William Biochemistry Characterization of the Wing Pigments Present in the Pierids Colias Eurytheme and Colias Eurydice
1986 Doran, David History and Political Science
1985 Carvajal, Sam Biophysics An Acoustic Reflection Spectrometer



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