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Honors Program

Honors Council

The Honors Council oversees the Honors curriculum, faculty, admissions standards, student petitions for academic variances, and policies related to the Honors Residence Hall. It reports to the Vice President for Academic Administration, and is chaired by the Honors Director.

Current members in the Honors Council are:

Rakel Engles Assistant Director, Honors Program
Sasha Ross
John Razzouk
Eric Vega Rep. from Honors Faculty
Elvin Rodriguez Honors Faculty
Krista Motschiedler Honors Faculty
John Perumal Director of University Studies
James Wilson
Lloyd Trueblood
John Jones
Allan Moreno Honors student; Honors Student Council member
Non-voting Invitees:
Steve Pawluk Provost
Barbara Favorito Associate Provost
April Summit Dean, General Education
Adeny Schmidt Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
John Webster Dean, H.M.S. Richards Divinity School
Ginger Ketting-Weller Dean, School of Education
Johnny Thomas Dean, Tom and Vi Zapara School of Business
Kitty Simmons Director of the Library


The official committee description from the Faculty Handbook follows:

Committee Description

Name: Honors Council

Status: Permanent

Membership: Honors Director(chair), a dean of men, a dean of women, dean of the Honors residence hall, six faculty members from the College of Arts and Sciences, one faculty member from the School of Business and Management, one faculty member from the School of Religion, one Honors student (invitees: vice president for academic administration, associate vice president for academic administration, assistant vice president for University Studies, academic deans, director of the library)

Appointment: Members appointed ex officio; faculty members by the school deans; student by the Honors Director

Term: Continuous for ex officio; three years staggered for faculty members

Chair: Appointed ex officio

Meetings: At the call of the chair

Minutes: Distributed to members, vice president for academic administration

Input From: Members, school deans

Reports To: Vice president for academic administration


To Act:

Approves course descriptions for the Honors Program and minor changes in the curricula
Approves faculty for the Honors Program
Approves admissions standards for the Honors Program
Approves variances in student requirements
Approves and applies operating policies relating to the Honors Residence Hall

To Recommend:

Appointment of the Honors Director (to the vice president for academic administration)
Major changes to the curricula and standards of the Honors Program (to Faculty Senate)

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