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Honors Program


The La Sierra University Honors Program consists of a series of special interdisciplinary courses that engage students in spirited discussion and critical thinking; through these courses, students learn about many different worldviews, and reflect on the relationship between their worldviews and other worldviews. The program is designed to give students from any major a top-caliber education in an environment that is both challenging and supportive.

The particular objectives of this curriculum are organized in the context of the University mission, "To Seek, to Know, to Serve":

  • Seeking: Students are encouraged to contribute to the definition of their own education as they develop scholarly excellence in a manner and with a subject that is uniquely their own. This is foundational to the lifelong process of seeking truth through intellectual inquiry, analytical rigor, religious understanding, and moral courage.
  • Knowing: Students are challenged to understand a wide variety of perspectives across space and time, and to explore the way these perspectives interrelate.
  • Serving: Students are encouraged to engage in their communities (civic, professional, religious, cultural, and global) and to transform and build them with integrity, courage, openness, and compassion.


Our Mission

The La Sierra University Honors Program is a community that gives special attention to undergraduates of outstanding intellectual and creative ability. It brings substantial breadth and depth to their integrated experiences. The program aims to charge the imagination and enable students to recognize their own potential and responsibilities in an environment where student initiative is the guiding force. Courses are small and encourage discussion and interaction among the students and with the faculty. The environment is designed to be both challenging and supportive.




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