Honors Program

Benefits of the Program

The Honors Program at La Sierra University is open to undergraduate students in any major who show outstanding intellectual and creative ability. It is a learning community that provides a challenging yet supportive environment.

The Honors Program allows you to:

  • Travel internationally. To become more informed global citizens, your Honors class will travel abroad for around three weeks as a required part of your Honors experience. Past classes have traveled to western Europe and Turkey.
  • Study in small classes. With classes of 15-20 people, there’s more interaction and a chance to get to know your faculty and classmates better.
  • Challenge yourself. Honors classes are different than most general education classes because they feature more discussion and less lecture, and they offer more opportunity for creativity.
  • Live with other Honors students. South Hall, our designated Honors residence hall on campus, provides a peaceful, studious environment. Students have single rooms (when available) and the use of a kitchen and two lounges.
  • Form great friendships. You’ll find it easy to make friends in the small classes, and during events and field trips that are part of the program.
  • Prepare for graduate school. The small, discussion-oriented classes prepare students for graduate programs, where that is the norm.
  • Integrate Christian perspectives. You’ll study Christian thought and practice as we examine various worldviews.
  • Receive special scholarships. In addition to GPA-based financial awards, special scholarships are awarded to Honors Program students.

If you complete the Honors Program of general studies, the Honors Scholarship Project, and graduate with a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or above, you will have the designation “University Honors Program” listed on your diploma and transcript, as well as in the commencement program.

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