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Honors Program

Academic Variances for Honors

There may be occasions when a student needs to request that one of the curricular requirements or course policies be changed; this most often happens due to a course schedule conflict, or an ususual circumstance when a student has transferred into the Program.

Variance forms are available in the Registrar's Office and should be turned in to the designated individuals on the form. Students petitioning for a variance from the Honors Program requirements, should submit their petition directly to the Honors Program.

Requests due to schedule conflicts with required courses for the major should be signed by the academic advisor as well as the student. Variances requesting waivers of requirements are very rarely granted; substitutions are much more common. It's a good idea to speak with the Honors Director or Secretary before you turn in your petition; they can help identify the petitions that have the best chance of being approved.

All petitions have to be approved by the Honors Council, which meets once per quarter. Because some requests are common, the Honors Council has empowered the Honors Director to handle some common petitions; also, if a petition has been approved in the past, the same petition can be approved for a different student (in the same circumstances) by the Honors Director without going to the Honors Council.

Students are generally notified within one or two weeks after submitting a petition that a) the petition is approved, b) it is denied, or c) it needs to go to the Honors Council, and when the Council is next meeting.


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