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Accessing Blackboard and La Sierra Email


I'm a returning student (or) I know my Blackboard and Email username and password

You can access Blackboard or your La Sierra email through La Sierra myCampus portal at https://mycampus.lasierra.edu/. After you log in you will see a list of services on the left side of your home page, including links to Blackboard and La Sierra Email. You can also access your Email or Blackboard directly using the links http://email.lasierra.edu/ and https://blackboard.lasierra.edu/ respectively.

I'm a new student (or) I forgot my Password

The username and password for your La Sierra email account is the same one that you use with Blackboard and myCampus portal as well (through myCampus portal, you can access different services like Blackboard, LSU email, grades,…etc). If you don't remember the password (or if this is your first time accessing the service) you can reset it from your self-service account following the steps below:

  1. Log in to Self-Service. Type your LSU id# in the field "USER ID" and the self-service password in the field "Password". By default, the self-service password should be your 6 digits birthday (2 digits month, 2 digits day, 2 digits year.) and you will be requested to change it the first time you log in to Self-Service. If you don't remember your password for Self-Service please call 951-785-2006 and ask the registrar to reset it back to your birth date.
  2. Select "Students" from the main menu.
  3. Select "Forgot Password?".
  4. Select "Set Password".
  5. In "New Password" and "Retype New Password" fields type new password that meets the conditions listed on the page. The system checks for dictionary words if you are given the error of dictionary words please try a different password. (on this page you will see your username as well, which is the first part of your La Sierra email address before the @ and as mentioned above, you can use this username to access Blackboard, La Sierra email, and myCampus).
  6. Select Submit and wait, this may take some time as it verifies all conditions are met.
  7. Congratulations! Your Password has been changed. If any other message or error is shown, please call the IT department at 951-785-2900.

Now, you can use your "username" (the first part of your La Sierra email address before the @) and the "password" to access Blackboard or your La Sierra email address through La Sierra myCampus portal at https://mycampus.lasierra.edu/ or you can also access your Email or Blackboard directly using the links http://email.lasierra.edu/ and https://blackboard.lasierra.edu/ respectively.

After you finish all the settings and access Blackboard successfully, please make sure that you check and use your La Sierra email address because it is the official contact method between La Sierra teachers and students. When you access Blackboard, click on the "Courses" tab below La Sierra logo on the left and you will see a list of your courses.

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