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Online Programs Technical Information and Requirements

You can access Blackboard and click on the "Courses" tab on the upper left corner and you will see a list of the courses that you registered for. Below are some helpful information regarding Blackboard system:

  • You will always see the two tabs, "My Institution" and "Courses", in the upper left corner of your Blackboard home screen and you can always go back to the list of courses that you registered for when you click on "Courses".
  • When you select the course from your list, you will see the home page of your course and also the main navigation bar on the left. Please make sure to check each tab in the main navigation menu, especially "Announcements" and "Information", where you can see important course information and teacher instructions.
  • The "Discussions" tab is where you can access the Discussion board of the course. You can reply and post to the topics under each Discussion Forum. Depending on the course, you can also attach files to your posts.
  • The "Content" tab is where you can find the course contents (Documents, Powerpoints, Assignments, Videos,…etc).
  • The "Email" section is where you can send questions or messages to the teacher. Please make sure to communicate with your teacher (and to check your La Sierra email regularly) whenever you have any course-related question regarding the syllabus, assignments, discussions, quizzes,…etc.

Blackboard courses combine different multimedia components and it is very important that you download the latest versions of the following "Free" applications to make sure that all the course components will run correctly:

Microsoft "Silverlight" is important for School of Education Blackboard classes because it allows you to run the videos from the lecture capture system "Panopto" that is integrated with Blackboard. The link below  "Screenshot 1 - Click to Launch or Download" shows you an example of a lecture capture video link. You can click on either "Click to Launch" or "Click to download the file if it does not open" links. After that you will see a screen similar to the link "Screenshot 2 - Panopto log in screen from Blackboard". Make sure to choose "Blackboard" from the list and click "Login" to get access to the lecture capture video.

Screenshot 1 - Click to Launch or Download

Screenshot 2 - Panopto Log In Screen from Blackboard

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