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Corrine Howell


I graduated from La Sierra University in 2007, with a Masters of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction. One of the most rewarding learning experiences I ever had was pursuing an online degree at La Sierra University. The online experience met and exceeded my expectations.


Among the many benefits of taking online classes at La Sierra University, these are a few that I enjoyed immensely. I loved the flexibility of attending classes at anytime, from anywhere. While attending classes I maintained a regular job, took care of my family, and had a normal life. I also enjoyed being able to read and re-read lectures, discussions, explanations and comments made by professors throughout the duration of my course. That kind of flexibility is not available in a regular classroom setting.

Another attractive benefit was not waiting in line for office hours to meet with instructors. Certainly, the online environment makes instructors more approachable. I talked openly with teachers through online chats, email and newsgroup discussions.

In general, my experience at LSU was a very positive one. I met the most caring, and accommodating, Christian professors. I have since modeled my approach to teaching after several professors from the Curriculum and Instruction Department.

I have, and will continue to encourage anyone to try La Sierra University’s online program. My learning experience was exceptional, and I am now a proud alumnus of LSU!


Corrine Howell, 2009


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Dallas Melashenko

I have been taking online courses through La Sierra for about a year and a half now working on my Masters’ Degree.  For me is it’s …a convenience that I love because I don’t have to sit in a class for 3 or 4 hours a week. I can download whatever I need from the internet … it tells me exactly what is required of me with different lessons and whatever assignments need to be done during the week. ..and the convenience of not having to drive to a class, that’s the biggest thing. Next, is the flexibility of schedule. There are no classrooms, there are no timeframes, I can work at home.  The other thing is knowledgeable instructors. I have been very impressed with the knowledge and Christian background the instructors have. That is important to me. I have been to public Universities and it’s nice to have a Christian instructor especially a Seventh-day Adventist instructor that understands that dynamic of being a Seventh-day Adventist and the Sabbath issues, that is very important to me.


I have to say that the class work is challenging but not difficult. …I know what it is like to teach a class and these instructors online have been very helpful to me. I have not had any problems when I have had to contact them with a question. If I make a phone call they talk me through any issues I need to have help with. The department itself, Dr. Green, has been an absolute blessing to me in discussing my curriculum and planning out my program. Digital Learning has done just an outstanding job. I would say it has been a very positive experience for me .I look forward to taking more classes with them.

Dallas Melashenko, 2009
Master of Art in Curriculum and Instruction

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