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University Studies

Through four thematic areas and a senior capstone course, the General Studies curriculum provides broad disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge necessary for personal and communal success in a complex world.

  1. Identity, Citizenship and Globalization (8 units)
    Focus on issues of the development of individual and group identity, issues of citizenship in the contemporary world and the ways of globalization is changing both identity and the meaning and practice of citizenship.
    1. Understanding Human Beings (0-4 units)
    2. National and Global Citizenship (0-4 units)
    3. Globalization, Identity and Citizenship (4 units) – Interdisciplinary courses focusing on citizenship and identity in a multicultural and global context.
      • SSCI 104 – Growing up in America
      • SSCI 105 – Identity and Society
      • SSCI 106 – Childhood in Global Perspective
      • SSCI 107 – Gender and Law in Contemporary Society

  2. Culture and Context (12 units)
    Focus on cultural production and cultural life both in the United States and globally.
    1. Arts Appreciation or History (4 units)
    2. Historical or Contemporary Culture and Context (4 units)
    3. Exploring American Culture (4 units) – Interdisciplinary courses focusing on cultural production in a multicultural context with emphasis on technological, social and economic factors on culture.
      • HUMN 204 – Exploring American Culture through Literature
      • HUMN 205 – Exploring American Culture through Visual and Performing Arts
      • HUMN 206 – Perspective on Modern Culture

  3. Religious Beliefs and Practice (16 units)
    Focus on varieties of religious beliefs and practices, including a foundation in Adventism.
    1. Spiritual Experience and Expressions (4 units)
      • RLGN 305 – The Experience of Religion in Three Cultures
    2. Beliefs and Heritage (4 units)
      • RLGN 304 – Adventism in the Global Perspective
    3. Scripture (4 units)
    4. Religion and Society (4 units)

  4. Scientific Inquiry (12 units)
    Exposes students to laboratory science, the relationship between science and society and the philosophical foundations of scientific inquiry.
    1. Life Science (4 units)
    2. Physical Science (4 units)
    3. Scientific Foundations (4 units) – Exploring the philosophical underpinnings of scientific practice.
      • NSCI 404 – Humans and The Environment and Religious Beliefs
      • NSCI 405 – Scientific Thinking and Religious Beliefs
      • NSCI 406 – Nature and Human Values
      • NSCI 407 – Religion and Rationality

  1. Senior Seminar (4 units)
    Considers religious, moral, and social issues raised within the student’s major program of studies.  Students explore significant issues both theoretically and as specific problems of contemporary life, brining their experience and knowledge to bear on the interaction of their values with their discipline.


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