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Student Learning Outcomes

  1. To transform individuals into artistically trained, socially aware, skilled graduates ready to contribute to society through a trans-disciplinary university experience
  2. To expand the awareness and appreciation of the history, culture and individuals that produced art through human history.
  3. To prepare students for:
    • Professional employment
    • Graduate school
    • Meaningful contributions to society
  4. To provide an atmosphere of academic excellence, nurture and promote creativity.
  5. To create a positive environment where students can grow in their:
    • Spiritual awareness
    • Social awareness
    • Ability to recognize the contributions the  arts can make to address human nature and environmental challenges.
  6. To have a solid foundation in:
    • Color theory and application
    • Visual design
    • Traditional media applications
    • Contemporary digital media
  7. To enable students to understand, respond to, and articulate their responses to their work and the work of others
  8. Through the visual arts inspire curiosity and exploration, increasing, interdisciplinary collaboration
  9. Encourage faculty growth and professional development in their areas of academic expertise.

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