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The objectives of the Department of Biology are to help students better understand themselves and the natural world, to develop a scholarly and practical approach to the study of scientific information, and to prepare them for a career in biology or any of the many other related fields of employment.

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES AND RELATED OCCUPATIONS: Biology graduates are employed in a broad variety of government and private sector positions including, but not limited to field positions (forest service, park service, fish and wildlife management, conservation, ecology), agriculture research or management, food manufacturing industries, waste management, environmental safety and testing, industrial quality control, pharmaceutical and immunochemical industries, biotechnology (genetic engineering, molecular biology, microbiology, immunology), health related research (cancer, infectious disease, genetics), health professions (medicine, dentistry, optometry, allied health, public health), and teaching at the secondary and college levels.

EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: Graduate training in a given area enhances the students' employability in some areas. Extraordinary opportunities are provided for the Biology students to obtain valuable experience in research laboratories of the faculty.

JOB OUTLOOK: Employment of biological scientists is projected to grow about as fast as average for all occupations over the 2004-14 period, as biotechnological research and development continues to drive job growth. Opportunities for those with a bachelor's or master's degree in biological science are expected to be better.

ENTERING SALARY: According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, beginning salary offers in April 2006 averaged $32,550 a year for bachelor's degree recipients in Biological and Life Sciences. In 2005, the average entering salaries for credentialed teachers in the Inland Empire begin at $39,618. Those with a Master's degree and more experience an average of about $70,000 a year.

As in any profession, salaries are determined by experience, professional preparation, employment setting and economic conditions of geographic location. Specific geographic regions, including Southern California, may provide more job opportunities and higher pay scales because of the high concentration of health related research facilities and biotechnology firms in the area.    

We know it can be difficult finding a job right after  graduation so we hope that this will help:

CAREER PLANNER (coming soon)


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