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The following is a list of various scholarships that are available to our biology majors. These are specific to La Sierra University, we also encourage you to seek outside federal and state aid. Our faculty are happy to write recommendation letters for you should the need arise.  Please be sure to apply for the LSU scholarship in January, as they are applied to the following year’s financial aid award.

Edmund C. Jaeger Biology Book Award

Edmund C. Jaeger established these cash book awards to help defray the rising cost of text books and to help insure that students have access to current and appropriate materials.

Edmund C. Jaeger Biology Scholarship

Dr. Edmund C. Jaeger was an educator, author, naturalist, scientist, philanthropist, philosopher and good citizen. Born a Nebraskan, he graduated from high school at 15 and immediately began a careerin teaching. He later received a B.S. degree in biology from Occidental College. Dr. Jaeger is most renowned for his contribution to the world of science, when he discovered in 1947 that hibernation occurs among birds. The results of his documented studies altered previous scientific beliefs and can be found in the February 1953 issue of National Geographic. Dr. Jaeger traveled extensively around the world and boasted that for more than 35 years of his life he did not spend less than two or three nights per week in his sleeping bag. He started this endowment and many others in California colleges for junior and senior natural history students.

Dr. Raymond E. Ryckman Honoraria Endowment

Raymond Ryckman, Ph.D., has touched many lives since he started teaching medical and graduate students in 1950, when he became chair of the Department of Medical Entomology in the School of Tropical and Preventive Medicine at Loma Linda University. In 1960, he joined the Microbiology Department, and was named Emeritus Professor in 1988. He is known internationally for his authority and prodigious research on Chagas’ disease and the Triatominae species, which affects nearly 20 million people in Central and South America. Although he has authored an impressive volume of literature and compiled a literature review of more than 21,000 references, he also is well-known for making time for his students in his and their own research. Students in La Sierra University’s biology department are helped by this endowment.

Lynn N. Sarkisian Biology Scholarship Endowment

This fund is established by Lynn N. Sarkisian to support students majoring in the field of Biology at La Sierra University who achieve and maintain a grade-point average of 3.0 or better in their major. While primarily merit-based, eligible students will also demonstrate unmet financial need such as participation in the campus work/study program. Lynn N. Sarkisian was an educator in the life sciences with a specialty in the field of Zoology and was published in Parasitology. He attended Lynwood Academy where he was drafted into the U.S. Army and served in a hospital. After the army, Lynn attended La Sierra College and received a B.A. degree in Biology in 1952. Lynn later went on to the University of Southern California and completed his M.S. degree in Biology in 1957. To support himself through his educational years, Lynn worked as a laboratory technician and then as an instructor at both La Sierra University and the University of Southern California. After college, Lynn dedicated his life to advancing science education in Biology and Zoology, spending many years as a faculty member at Fullerton Community College.


Pre-Professional Scholarships

James A. and Delpha Marchus Crane Scholarship

The James A. and Delpha Marchus Crane Endowed Scholarship has been established to provide financial assistance for deserving students at La Sierra University who are enrolled in the pre-nursing or pre-medical programs. Dr. and Mrs. Crane are graduates of Loma Linda University – he from the School of Medicine in 1935 and she from the School of Nursing in 1932. Mrs. Crane graduated from La Sierra University (then named Southern California Junior College) in 1928. Education has played an important role in the life of the Crane family and it is their desire to assist able students who have shown an interest and aptitude for successful study in the healing arts.

Margaret Ellen Rickard Scholarship

Margaret Ellen Rickard was the second child of Margaret Vernon Rickard. In her brief twenty years from 1945-1965, she lived to serve others. Her aim was to master and teach the French language in a Seventh day Adventist school where students prepare for lives of service. She studied her first year at La Sierra College and successfully completed her second year at the Seminaire Adventiste du Saleve in France.  After passing the French Government national examinations, she and three other female students decided to complete their year abroad program with a short visit to Spain. On their return trip, she and two of the girls were killed in an automobile accident while one girl survived. Because of her desire to serve and in recognition for her love of the French people, this endowment has been established in her honor to aid students in the pre-nursing program.


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