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Computer Science

Faculty & Staff

Barbara Kreaseck, Ph.D.

Department Chair

Title: Professor of Computer Science

Office Location: Price Hall 245

E-mail: bkreasec@lasierra.edu

Phone: (951) 785-2549



Ph.D. University of California, San Diego 2003

Professional Interests:

Dr. Kreaseck has been at La Sierra since 1989.  She frequently teaches the freshman sequence in computer science as well as programming languages, operating systems, and compilers. Her doctoral dissertation dealt with dynamic autonomous scheduling on heterogeneous systems.  Her current research is in the area of program analysis.  She is part of the research team working on the OpenAnalysis toolkit to provide a representation-independent compiler-technology for domain-specific analysis.  Her main contributions to the project have been in the area of activity analysis and the related sub-area dealing with MPI program analysis.  Dr. Kreaseck is a member of the ACM.


Being a crafty person from way-back, Dr. Kreaseck enjoys teaches her freshman seminar in knitting.  Other enjoyable activities include laughter, logic puzzles, dogs, reality-tv, and harmonizing with the car radio.

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