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Computer Science

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Correctly analyze problems for possible computer solutions; design and implement efficient solutions.
  • Understand how core data structures work; implement and apply them to solve problems.
  • Know how machine instructions are stored and executed; program at the machine/assembly language level.
  • (CS) Understand the concept and design of computer architecture components such as adders, ALU, memory, cache, control unit, data path, CPU.
  • (CS) Understand the core network protocols and be able to design/implement programs that utilize them.
  • (CS) Understand the components of an operating system such as resource scheduling, memory management, process management, security.
  • (IS) Analyze/understand the informational needs of an organization and to provide a high-level design of an information system.
  • Understand professional ethics and the impact of computers on society.
  • Be able to design a large-scale software system.
  • Be able to communicate and work effectively in a team environment.
  • Be able to design appropriate test data for a given software solution/application.
  • (Overall) Be able to program in at least two high-level languages

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