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History, Politics & Society


Jeffrey N. Dupée, 1991. Professor of History
Ph.D. Claremont Graduate University, 2001
European History, British Colonialism, Modern China, Legal Studies

Ken Crane, 2008. Associate Professor of Sociology & Global Studies
Ph.D. Michigan State University, 2000
MPA Monterey Institute of International Studies, 1986
Transnationalism, International Migration, Family and Ethnic Socialization

Andrew Howe, 2005. Chair, Associate Professor of History
Ph.D. University of California, Riverside, 2005
American History and Civilization, Popular Culture & Film Studies

Lisa Kohlmeier, 2005. Assistant Professor of History
Ph.D. Claremont Graduate University, 2009
American History, Women's Intellectual & Cultural History, Gender Studies

Won K Yoon, 1976. Professor of Sociology
Ph.D. Louisiana State University, 1976
Social Theory, Research Methods, Ethnic Diversity, Asian studies

Katherine Parsons, 2010. Assistant Professor of History
M.Phil., University of Cambridge, England, 2006
Ph.D. Candidate, University of California, Riverside
Early Modern European History, Global History, History of Religion

Eric Vega, 2013.  Assistant Professor of Sociology
Ph.D. University of California, Riverside, 2010
Education, Transnationalism, Family, Social Movements, Latin@ Studies & Media

Sasha A. Ross, 2013.  Assistant Professor of Global Studies
M.A. Baylor University, 2005
International Development, Human Rights Law, Gender, Youth, Christian Zionism, and the post-Ottoman History of Palestine.

Collaborating Faculty

Delmer G. Ross, 1976. Emeritus Professor of History & Political Science
Emeritus Professor of History and Political Science
Ph.D. University of California, Santa Barbara, 1970
Latin American & transportation history, American & comparative government

Kent Bramlett, 2010. Assistant Professor of Archaeology
Ph.D. University of Toronto, 2009
Mediterranean world of antiquity



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