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B.S. Mathematics

The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics degree is a four-year program designed for students who plan to study mathematics in graduate school, as a preparation for teaching at the secondary school level or as a foundation for those wishing to pursue careers in the mathematical sciences. Past graduates with this major include those who have gone on to completed doctorates in mathematics and teach at the university level, high school mathematics teachers, lawyers, medical doctors, dentists, and specialists in information technology.

Requirements: 62 units, as follows

Required cognates: PHYS 231

  • 8 units from: PHYS 232, 233; CHEM 351, 352, 353

Recommended:MATH 345, 415, 422, 451, (for those pursuing teaching credentials)

B.S. Biomathematics

The Bachelor of Science in Biomathematics degree is a four-year program that is offered in conjunction with the Department of Biology. It is an ideal major for students with a strong interest in mathematics that intend to go on to professional school in the health sciences. Past graduates with this major include medical doctors, dentists, lawyers, and those who have gone on to graduate studies in biostatistics.

Offered with the Department of Biology

Requirements: 75 units, as follows

  • CPTG 121
  • MATH 131, 132, 133, 231, 232, 233, 461, 462
  • BIOL 111, 111L, 112, 112L, 113, 113L, 301, 301L, 302, 302L
  • 1 unit may be applied to the biomathematics major for each biochemistry course elected from CHEM 491, 492 and 2 units may be added for CHEM 493.
  • 2 units from CPTG485, MATH 485 or BIOL 405
  • 12 additional units of upper division mathematics, computer science, or biology courses.

Required cognates. 18 units, as follows: CHEM 111, 111L, 112, 112L, 113, 113L, 271

Recommended: CHEM 272, 273; PHYS 231, 232, 233

Minor in Mathematics

A Minor in Mathematics can be earned in conjunction with another major.

Requirements: 29 units, including

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