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Student Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate proficiency in the major content areas of mathematics or biomathematics at the bachelor’s degree level.
  • Employ technology and use tools such as computer software and the web to investigate mathematical concepts and applications.
  • Demonstrate skill in reading, writing and speaking mathematical ideas.
  • Understand the role of proof in mathematics and have the ability to construct simple proofs.
  • Demonstrate the ability to develop and use mathematical and quantitative models.
  • Devise and use problem-solving strategies and apply them to diverse mathematical and quantitative problems.
  • Work effectively in teams and to collaborate with peers to accomplish course assignments.
  • Undertake intellectually demanding mathematical reasoning.
  • Understand the importance of theory and abstraction and the role of examples and applications in motivating theoretical and abstract concepts.
  • Demonstrate ethical behavior in using and reporting results utilizing mathematical reasoning, as well as being aware of ethical issues in society that involve mathematical and quantitative reasoning.
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