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Full-time Faculty

Adjunct Faculty

  • Aram Barsamian, M.Mus. (Voice)
  • David Brennan, D.M.A. (Saxophone, Chamber Music)
  • Jamie Douglass, B.A. (Percussion)
  • Javier Gonzalez, M.Mus. (Voice)
  • Elvis L. Geneston, Ph.D. (Physics, Music Technology)
  • Martin Glicklich, D.M.A. (Director of the Academy of Visual and Performing Arts, flute)
  • Christopher James (Music Technology)
  • Sylvia Ho, M.M. (Piano)
  • Rong-Huey Liu, D.M.A. (Oboe)
  • Jacqueline Marshall, M.Mus. (Harp)
  • Geoff Osika (Double-Bass)
  • Giovanni Santos, M.Mus. (Trumpet)
  • Marek Szpakiewicz, D.M.A. (Cello, Chamber Music)
  • Pin-Fei Tang, M.Mus. (Cello, Chamber Music)
  • Lucille Taylor, M.A. (Violin, Viola)
  • Celia Chan Valerio, D.M.A. (Harp)
  • Bill Wellwood, D.M.A. (Clarinet, Chamber Music)
  • Lee Edward Zimmer, A.A. (Guitar)

Visiting Artist

  • Juan Miguel Hernandez (Viola)
  • Madeleine Kabat (Cello)


  • Sergio Leiva, B. Mus. (Staff Accompanist)
  • Lovelyn Razzouk, B. Mus. (Coordinator for Outreach & Engagement)
  • Jason Anthony, B.A (Assistant to the Director of the Academy of Visual and Performing Arts)
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