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René Ramos, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Music

Music History & Theory




Dr. Ramos is presently Associate Professor of Music at La Sierra University, where he coordinates and teaches music history and music theory.


Ph.D. from Indiana University, Bloomington in Music History.


MUCT 105 (3) Introduction to Music Theory

Music fundamentals: meter, intervals, scales, triads. Required of students who have not passed the theory placement examination. Does not apply toward a major or minor in music.

MUCT 112 (3) Music Theory I A

Study of diatonic harmony in music of the period of common practice: triads in root position, first and second inversions, and principles of voice leading. Includes experience in working with computer music programs. Prerequisite: MUCT 105 or a passing grade in the theory placement exam

MUHL 335 (4) History of Western Music Before 1600

The development of music in Europe from the Greeks to the end of the Renaissance. Medieval monophonic music, polyphony, instrumental music, the theories of music, and music and society. Attention given to political and cultural events influencing musical developments. Prerequisite: MUCT 213

MUHL 336 (4) History of Western Music (1600-1800)

The development of music from the end of Renaissance through the Classical era. Baroque and Classical musical styles, dramatic vocal music, instrumental music, patronage, public concerts, and the theory of music. Prerequisite: MUCT 213

MUHL 337 (4) History of Western Music Since 1800

The development of music in Europe and the USA from the beginning of Romanticism to the present. Romantic and 20th-century styles, nationalism, new systems of tonal organization, impressionism, twelvetone music, neoclassicism, aleatory music, and current trends. Prerequisite: MUCT 213

MUCT 315 (4) Music Form and Analysis

Introduction to formal analysis. Principles of musical structure through the study of representative works from the period of common practice. The binary and ternary forms, variation, rondo, sonata, and contrapuntal forms. Prerequisite: MUCT 21



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