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Ty Rust, MFA

Music Technology



MUET 105 (2) Introduction to Music Technology

An introductory course for all music majors covering computer software applications in music notation, digital audio recording, and sequencing. The course places special emphasis on how the various software applications are used in the transcription, arrangement, and composition of music. Other music and computer related topics may be covered. Basic music reading and keyboarding skills required

MUHL 385 (4) Music of the 20th Century

The development of music in the 20th century.  Special focus will be given to music since 1940.  Serialism, atonality, chance, minimalism, and avante-garde.

MUET 185 (3) Electronic Music Systems I

An introduction to MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) with an emphasis on current applications, including MIDI sequencing, recording, production, and arranging techniques. Use of the equipment and software is demonstrated through various creative projects. One lecture and one weekly lab or equivalent per week. Prerequisite: MUET 105

MUHL 338 (2) Music of Non-Western Cultures

Introduction to music of non-Western cultures. Folk and native music of Middle East, Asian, African, North and South American, and Pacific Rim countries.  Open to nonmusic majors.



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