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The Department of Music offers the Performer's Certificate program as a full-time course of study designed for promising performers who need intensive training on their instrument or voice in order to enhance their employment opportunities or to prepare for graduate studies. Although a baccalaureate degree is not required for admission, applicants must meet the performance level which is required for graduation from the undergraduate performance program. Since this is a special program and not a standard degree, no academic credit is given. If academic credit is desired, the regular tuition costs will apply.

This program prepares students to enter the following occupations:

27-2042.01 Singers
27-2042.02 Musicians, Instrumental

Many students in this program do not go into careers right away, but rather plan to attend graduate school.

Performer's Certificate Program

Performer's Certificate Curriculum Sheet

- 8 units per quarter of private instruction for three quarters
- 1 unit of large ensemble credit per quarter
- 1 unit of small ensemble credit per quarter
- 1 recital

Music Performance Certificate Completion Rates

School Year Students Begin Program Students Completed in Two Years On-Time Completion Rate
2007-2008 6 4 67%
2008-2009 8 7 88%
2009-2010 1 1 100%
2010-2011 3 1* 33%
2011-2012 0 N/A N/A

*only partial data available for completion rate due to timing

Estimated Program Costs -1-year Estimated Program Costs - 2-year
Tuition & Comp.Fee $5,631.00 Tuition & Comp.Fee $11,607.00
Room & Meals (on-campus) $7,500.00 Room & Meals (on-campus) $15,500.00
Transportation $900.00 Transportation $1,900.00
Personal Costs $2,277.00 Personal Costs $4,554.00
Books & Supplies $855.00 Books & Supplies $1,710.00
Total Costs (1-year) $17,163.00 Total Costs (2-year) $35,271.00

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