Tom and Vi Zapara School of Business

Dr. Edward C. Allred

The Edward C. Allred Center is named for Dr. Edward C. Allred, the owner, president, and CEO of Los Alamitos Race Course, Los Alamitos, California. Dr. Allred, an alumnus of La Sierra University, is both the principal sponsor of the Center and the inspiration behind its economic philosophy. The Center combines his passion for the improvement of high school education, particularly as embodied in Seventh-day Adventist secondary schools, and his commitment to the principles and practice of free market economics.

















Dr. Allred has always been an entrepreneur, whether in his innovative and financially successful medical practice or in his lifelong commitment to the sport and business of quarter horse racing in the United States and Southern California in particular. To both he has brought not only sound and creative business practices but also a deep interest in his colleagues and employees and a genuine care for their well being.

Dr. Allred has also been a change agent in society through his generosity as a philanthropist. He has been especially supportive of universities, secondary schools, student groups, and church organizations.

The Center is pleased not only to acknowledge the legacy of Dr. Edward C. Allred but also to carry out at least part of his vision for the promotion of free market economics particularly among high school students.


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