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Tom and Vi Zapara School of Business

Master of Business Administration

Interested in succeeding in business and making the world a better place along the way? Consider earning an MBA at La Sierra University's School of Business. A La Sierra MBA is an investment in your future: you'll gain knowledge, skills, and abilities to advance yourself and your family-and to enrich your community, your society, and your world. A La Sierra MBA does much more than just expand your knowledge. It transforms your understanding of business and shows you how to use business skills to change the world. It provides exciting opportunities for discovery. And it offers a pathway to success through greater income, a promotion, a new career, a powerful network, and peace of mind in a more secure future. Questions? Contact us today at mba@lasierra.edu.

There are two paths to a La Sierra MBA:

On-Campus MBA

The La Sierra University MBA attracts students from around the world who are motivated by a commitment to integrity, compassion, and social justice in the world of business. As an on-campus student attending classes on the La Sierra University campus, you'll belong to a socially active, close-knit community in the School of Business. You can study full- or part-time, taking classes at your own pace.

La Sierra University School's of Business is a happening place on campus! Hang around any afternoon and feel the energy rise as students gather for study groups, club events, lectures, conversations with faculty members, SIFE meetings, homework in the computer lab, pizza and salad, or Professor Rizkallah's exquisite baklava. Both the student body and the faculty of the School of Business are among most diverse on campus. This rich cultural, linguistic, ethnic, and religious variety will enhance your learning experiences and challenge you to think in new ways about the shape of business practice in an interconnected world.

As an on-campus student, you're free not only enjoy the SB's lively atmosphere but also to pursue any MBA major or concentration you find appealing and to choose from among dozens of classes every quarter. You can design your schedule around your commitments at work and at home, and you can take specialty classes whenever they're offered. As a member of a campus community, you can immerse yourself in being a student, focusing on your classes, and absorbing the culture of the university. You'll have easy access to the faculty, the dean, student advising, the computer lab, and hot chocolate in the evening: the resources you need will be right at your fingertips-and let you know you're part of the family.

To learn more about the application and admissions process for the on-campus MBA program, click here.

The Zapara School of Business offers curricula leading to majors/concentrations in:

  • Finance
  • General Management
  • General Management Business Ethics
  • General Management Law and Policy
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing
  • Philanthropy & Development
  • Customized Major

We also offer an MS in Accountancy.

Professional MBA (PMBA)

Our MBA program offers a great opportunity to get to know a diverse array of students and become part of the transforming culture of a graduate program. But many busy students with full-time jobs or family responsibilities need other options. That's why our Professional MBA program gives you the chance to earn an MBA without leaving your workplace.

The PMBA program works just like our on-campus program. PMBA students complete the same required classes as on-campus students - classes taught by doctorally qualified faculty members, many of them the same teachers who deliver our on-campus classes. Students in our PMBA program have access to the same resources as our on-campus students.

Flexibility is a hallmark of La Sierra's business programs - both on and off campus. While core MBA requirements are identical in both programs, a group of students earning an MBA at a particular workplace can opt for a set of customized electives designed to meet their distinctive needs and interests.

The PMBA program offers exceptional personal and professional growth opportunities to working people throughout southern California. It also makes it easier for area employers to invest strategically in their employees and their own futures.

For more information about the PMBA program please contact:

Jodi Cahill, Enrollment Counselor
Office: (951)785-2509
Cell: (951) 217-3698
Email: jcahill@lasierra.edu

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