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One of the Center's missions is to provide conflict resolution for individuals, charitable organizations, businesses, administrative agencies, communities of faith, and courts. The goal is cost-savings, increased efficiency and enhanced quality of life for all concerned. The Center provides number of ADR services. Services regularly provided by Center staff and qualified subcontractors supervised by staff include:

  • Consultation and assistance designing ADR systems for managing recurring disputes;
  • Services as impartial third parties resolving public disputes;
  • Referral of qualified public policy mediators, facilitators, and arbitrators;
  • Assistance assessing conflicts for ADR appropriateness;
  • Evaluation of ADR programs to measure quality and effectiveness;
  • Training and other public education events regarding ADR processes;

We provide:

  • Third Party Neutral: Mediation, Facilitation, Convening, Referral Services
  • Consultation: ADR System Design, Measurement and Evaluation, Referral Services, Situation Assessment, Organizational Development
  • Education and Training: General/Public, Customized

Factors considered when reviewing request for Center services include staff availability and conformance with the Center's strategic plan. If you would like to learn more about the Center's services, please contact Richard Pershing, Director, or Tony Belak, Associate Director, through the Center's email address.

We Serve

  • State Governmental Agencies: Courts
  • Local/Regional Governmental Agencies: Counties, Cities, Courts, Other Entities
  • Universities
  • Congregations
  • Charitable Organizations
  • Businesses
  • Healthcare Organizations
  • Schools and School Districts
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