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College of Arts & Sciences


As a community of Christian scholars, the fundamental purpose of the College of Arts and Sciences is to provide an environment for learning and personal growth that challenges and enables students to develop their intellectual skills, to examine their values, and to mature in character and in Christian commitment. The liberal arts study in which a person may carry on an individual search for truth and value is joined in some disciplines to professional study. The College is a center for the expression of the values of the liberal arts within the University. The College identifies its mission as an educational institution within the larger mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. In this mission, the College is not only serving the church but is also one of the ways that the church serves the community. From its graduates is drawn a creative cadre of church workers; its faculty constitute a resource of talent and information to church and society; and its students and faculty form a community for the expression and development of Christian values that ultimately aid in human healing. 

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