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HMS Richards Divinity School

Advising Information

  • Even if you have not yet applied and been accepted to one of the graduate programs in the Divinity School, you may feel free to contact Dr. Warren Trenchard, Director, Graduate Programs to discuss which program is best suited for your needs and aspirations and to design a potential course of studies.
  • After you have been accepted to one of the graduate programs, you should make an appointment to see Dr. Warren Trenchard to:
  • Before you register for courses each quarter, you must confer with your advisor on your progress to date and your course plans for the new term. While your advisor will help you with this, you are ultimately responsible for completing all the requirements of your program.
  • The Divinity School offers most of the graduate courses no more than once per year. Many courses are offered only once every two years. Therefore, it is vital that you take the required courses when they are offered. Click here to visit the page that lists the graduate courses in religion offered during the current academic year. There you will find required and elective courses identified for the MDiv and MA programs. The basic rule of advising is for you to register in a given quarter for any listed required course in your program that you have not yet taken.
  • If you have room for additional courses, you may register for elective courses. However, you should remember not to exceed the number of elective units for your program (3 for MA, and a varing number for the MDiv). Otherwise, you will complete your program with more units and greater expense than necessary.
  • Students in the MA program work with a small faculty committee to schedule their comprehensive and language examinations and to prepare their theses.

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