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Preliminary Administrative Services

(Tier 1) Credential

The credential programs in Department of Administration & Leadership of the School of Education at La Sierra University focus on the development of competent and ethical leadership. The program of study will offer candidates the opportunity to prepare for administrative credentials through the state of California and/or through the Credentials Office of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Required Administration and Leadership Courses for the Preliminary Administrative Services (Tier 1) Credential from the state of California 

EDAD 524

Education Organization and Leadership

EDAD 540

Personal and Philosophical Aspects of Leadership

EDAD 545    

Supervision of Instruction

EDAD 570

Human Resources Function in Education

EDAD 574

Legal Aspects of Education

EDAD 576

School Administrations K-12

EDAD 578

Supervised Field Experience at the School Level

EDAD 579

School Finance


EDET 575

Leadership in Educational Technology

EDCI 514

Curriculum Development

EDCI 552

Analysis of Curricular Alternatives

EDRS 504

Methods & Materials of Research

Combining your Credential program with a Degree program in Administration and Leadership

Individuals pursuing administrative credentials may incorporate credential requirements  into a degree program.

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