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Master of Arts in Religion (M.A.)

Program Overview

If you’re interested in studying the field of religion from an academic rather than professional viewpoint, this is the program for you. The 48-unit Master of Arts program engages you in advanced academic studies beyond the baccalaureate level in a focused area and provides a step towards a doctoral program in religion.

In the Master of Arts program in religion, you can study and do research in particular fields within the discipline of religious studies.

Who Should Attend:

The M.A. in religion is designed for those who wish to:

  • Gain a basic foundation for doctoral work in specific fields of religious studies.
  • Explore advanced personal interests in religious studies.

Alumni Profile

Maritza Duran, 2007



“At La Sierra I knew they would give me a big picture: it’s about what we do for other people. Our call is ultimately to serve others."


WHY I CHOSE LA SIERRA: I had gotten my bachelor’s at La Sierra in History, with a double minor in Span- ish and gender Studies. After working as a teacher for a few years, I wanted to go back and study Seventh-day Adventist history. I knew Dr. Harwood had done a lot of work with Adventist women’s history, and that caught my attention.


I WILL NEVER FORGET: The class I took in peace- making. You can’t take a class on the different perspectives in the Bible on peacemaking and not come out looking at the world differently, in terms of citizenship, of ownership, of what we can do to make this world a better place.


WHAT I GAINED: Spiritually, I grew so much. I got the sense that we are here on this earth to help, to share god’s hope with other people. And that is through the way we “do” life, not the way we speak about it. It’s about what you do for your community, for your church, how you help that individual with whom you just crossed paths.