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Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.)

Program Overview

The Master of Theological Studies is a broad academic program that allows you to survey the range of theological disciplines. You may choose a concentration or interdisciplinary focus. Among the areas covered and the options for concentrations are Christian theology, biblical languages, biblical archaeology, Christian ethics, history of Christianity, new Testament, old Testament, Adventist studies, world religions, and practical theology. Examples of interdisciplinary focus include Christian education, religion and the arts, and Christian leadership and management.

If you decide within five years of completing the M.T.S. degree that you would like to continue on to the Master of Divinity program, you will be eligible for automatic admission and will receive credit for the units you have already earned. If you wish to enter the M.A. program you will receive advanced standing.

Who Should Attend:

  • Those who want to teach Bible or Religious Studies at the high school level.
  • Experienced pastors who do not have a graduate degree in theology but who have an adequate back- ground in religion/theology.
  • Students who want a strong foundation for doctoral study in theology or religious studies.
  • Persons who are considering further study for professional ministry or academics.
  • People who want to explore wide personal interests in theology.

Current Student Profile

Mindy Bielas, Current Student



"I would never trade the experiences I have had, and continue to have, as a La Sierra University student for anything."



As a high school senior I visited several colleges. It was not until I visited La Sierra University that I felt appreciated for who I was and what I wanted to do. The professors I met wanted me to succeed and expressed their desire to provide whatever assistance I needed to make my dreams a reality. I came to La Sierra University because it was where I felt free to be me and encouraged to become a better me.



So far I have gained many friendships and valuable mentors as a La Sierra University student. I was not only taught many invaluable lessons in theology, ethics, biblical studies, and philosophy, but I was also taught to be confident in my own skin and to be courageous in my thoughts. I was taught how to think for myself and encouraged to make learning a part of everyday life. In addition to all of this, I was provided the space I needed to wrestle with God and make Christianity something personal.



While I work on my MTS at La Sierra University I am also working at Vallejo Drive SDA Church where I work with the young adults and youth. I am enjoying my opportunities to discuss difficult topics and fellowship with the young adults in addition to teaching the youth and facilitating "Girl Talk", a group for high school girls. I also have the opportunity to be involved with the Divinity School Student Forum and Theology in Practice Journal, two of the many opportunities to be involved with fellow students at La Sierra University.