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Visiting Students

Welcome to the La Sierra University Summer Program!

Our Summer Program is a fantastic place to get into those classes you want, enjoy exceptional professors and have a productive summer.  In addition, we want to make sure your needs are met, so extensive tutoring is provided for most classes and there is a complimentary daily continental breakfast and coffee bar, as well as various free lunch and dinner activities.

There are a couple options for registering and payment:
  • If you are only interested in taking classes for the summer, you will need to fill out the Unspecified Student Registration Form and either scan/e-mail, fax, mail or deliver it to the Registrars office.  Under Registration Type, check One-Stop.  If the class is not yet full, an instructor's signature should not be required.  (Federal and private loans may be used once the funding has been guaranteed by Student Financial Services.  Educational subsidies may be used by filling out and sending the Educational Allowance form to Student Financial Services. )
    • If you scan/e-mail, fax or mail in the form, the Registrar's Office will call you to receive a credit card payment or loan/subsidy funding verification over the phone and register you.  You must confirm your registration by the end of that day to be guaranteed a spot.
    • If you deliver your registration form, an up-front payment for the first class in your sequence or loan/subsidy verification will need to be made in order for you to guarantee your spot.
    • If the payment is not processed the day of registration, you will be dropped from your courses.
  • If you would like to apply to La Sierra University as an incoming undergraduate, fill out the Undergraduate Online Application Form.  Additional items, following the application are required.  Once all items are received and your file is reviewed, an e-mail will be sent to you indicating your admission status with instructions regarding registration.
    • Once you have been accepted to La Sierra, you will need to set up an appointment with a Student Financial Services counselor to determine how the payment will be completed.  If you are not using federal financial aid, the payment must be made up-front three business days before your class begins.  If payment is not made in time, you will be dropped from your courses.

Adult & Professional Students

Welcome to La Sierra University Summer Program!

La Sierra is an exceptional place to receive your continuing education credits or embark on a master's program journey.  We are pleased that you have decided to attend our University to further your education.

If you are a Pacific Union Conference Teacher, please view the Pacific Union Conference Teacher Registration Instructions.

If you are interested in a master's or continuing education program, please contact the school or department directly for more information on summer courses offered.

Current La Sierra University Students

Welcome back for Summer!

As you know, summer is a great time to take pre-requisites for any medical, dental or allied health profession, as well as catch up or get ahead in your generals or major.  We are excited that you are interested in joining us this summer and look forward to having you here.

Registration & Payment
  • To register, you will need to obtain your PIN from your adviser.  Then log on to Self-Service and register like you would for any other quarter.  Just make sure to select Summer of 2014 as your term.
  • Payment must be made up-front three days before your first class begins.  If you are using federal financial aid to help you pay for your classes, you will need to contact your Student Financial Services counselor to determine how payment will work.  If payment is not made in time, you will be dropped from your courses.
  • Last update on  December 03, 2013