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The Office of Service-Learning

Frequently Asked Questions


Why do Service-Learning?

As a student, when you are able to actively apply knowledge you gain, you have the opportunity to both increase your understanding and retention of that knowledge. At La Sierra University, we believe that students do not need to wait until after graduation to apply their knowledge, skills, and abilities in the world around them. Applying this knowledge, skill, and ability through service to others brings true purpose to your education.

When you take a Service-Learning Course at La Sierra University:

  • You will learn more from what you learn through service.
  • You will be meeting important needs in the community.
  • You will be involved as a responsible citizen.
  • You will be completing graduation requirements.

What are La Sierra's Service-Learning requirement?

Students are required to complete three Service-Learning designated courses in order to graduate from La Sierra University. This may differ if you are a transfer student (see Transfer Requirements).

  • Sign up for a standard course that offers Service-Learning where all students do service-learning (SLR) or where students are given an option to do service-learning (SLO).
  • Participate in a Service-Learning Intensive.
  • If you have completed significant and extensive service in the past you may be able to have one course waved through portfolio review. Contact the Service-Learning office for information on this option.

What are the Service-Learning requirements if I am a transfer student?

If you transferred to La Sierra University from another institution your requirement depends on your class standing at the time you transferred in.

If you came in as a:

  • Freshman - 3 courses
  • Sophomore – 3 courses
  • Junior – 2 courses
  • Senior – 1 course

What types of Service-Learning courses are available?

A calendar of courses is available here.

Not all of these courses are offered with a Service-Learning component each time they are taught. The schedule on the Service-Learning website should indicate the status of Service-Learning courses.

How do I find Service-Learning courses?

Go to the online course schedule and scroll to the bottom of the drop down menu to the right of General Ed. You will find designations for upcoming Service-Learning optional(S10) or Service-Learning required (S1R) courses.

Are Service-Learning courses more work?

In most cases Service-Learning courses are not more work. Instead the courses have been designed to include service not to add it to the regular requirements. Painting students may paint a community mural as one of their regular projects. Educational Psychology students work with pre-school children while observing their physical, mental and emotional development. Students of an environmental ethics course may plant trees, clean up local parks or assist the division of forestry with trail maintenance.

Are there other Service Opportunities?

Are you interested in serving your local and global community in ways other than Service-Learning? Bring true purpose to your education by finding ways to apply it in the world around you. Here are just a few.

La Sierra University Missions
The Missions Department of La Sierra Univiersity furthers the work of Christ here on earth by spreading God's love through the service of missionaries.

Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE)
SIFE brings together the top leaders of today and tomorrow to create a better, more sustainable world through the positive power of business.

Volunteer Center of Riverside County
Linking people in need with those who can help.

Volunteer Match
Find a place to volunteer.

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