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Questions & Answers

The more substantial the Annual Fund, the better La Sierra University is outfitted to address its most urgent need--holding down tuition costs, scholarships for worthy students, building renovations, equipment and sustaining the beauty of the campus.


Q: What is the LSU Annual Fund?

A: The Annual Fund is the University's yearly program designed to attract contributions from alumni and friends of LSU. Gifts are unrestricted, meaning that we use them whereever they are most needed. However, all Annual Fund gifts are used to toward operational costs and to help reduce the cost of education for our students.

Q: What is the duration of the Annual Fund each year?

A: The Annual Fund begins each year on July 1 and ends on June 30 of the following year.

Q: How is the money used?

A: Because of the unrestricted nature of Annual Fund gifts, the money is used in a variety of ways.  Undergraduate scholarship assistance, campus-wide computing upgrades, and building renovations are only a few examples of how your gifts will be used.  Annual Fund gifts allow the University to tend to daily, and sometimes additional operating costs.

Q: Who participates?

A: La Sierra University alumni, the parents of current and past students and friends of LSU who value and support our institution.

Q: How often will I be contacted?

A: Typically, each constituent will be contacted twice during the year, in the fall and spring. Also, it is possible that in addition you will be contacted by telephone by an LSU student and asked for a gift.

Q: If I send a gift early in the year will I be contacted again?

A: Yes.  We would hate to miss an opportunity to contact some of you that may be willing to give more than one gift during the year. Also, our mailings contain information regarding events and student stories that help keep you up-to-date with the current climate on campus.  This information is not always present in other publications from the University and we want you to be as informed as possible about LSU.

Q: What are matching gifts?

A: Several companies offer to match their employee's charitable contributions.  It is possible that your gift can be doubled simply because your employer recognizes the importance of supporting the interests of their employees as well as the benefit of a tax deductible gift.  A company's requirements for a matching gift may vary. In some cases you can simply provide proof of your donation and they will send a matching gift.  Some may require that they employee fill out a matching gift form.  Ask your company for details.

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