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Endowed Scholarships

The following is a list of La Sierra University Endowed Scholarships. For more information on contributing to an existing scholarship or setting up an Endowed Scholarship in your name or in the name of the person of your choice please contact Cassandra Hicks.

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Athena Award
The Athena Award is given annually to women of excellence in their profession and community. Since 1982, the Athena Foundation and founder, Martha Mertz, have recognized women in leadership.  The Athena Foundation is dedicated to acknowledging individuals who exhibit creativity and initiative and providing them with the opportunity to network with business leaders, bring attention to their organization and afford them an environment where they are encouraged and empowered as leaders. 
The Inland Empire Athena Chapter also allocates four scholarships to local institutions of higher learning. La Sierra receives one of these scholarships and nominates a deserving woman who will be awarded, along with the three other women, at the annual Athena Award lunch in the spring.  Scholarship recipients must be knowledgeable about their chosen field of study, able to demonstrate that knowledge through academic achievement, have given back to their community through public service and served as role models and mentors others.

David Henry Burkhardt Scholarship
Initial funding for this scholarship was bequeathed by David Burkhardt. The endowment was established as a general student scholarship, with the request that La Sierra University determine the distribution of the interest income. It was his hope that recipients of this scholarship would, as circumstances permit, make gifts into the scholarship in order that the fund might increase over time.

James Cooley Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship was developed by the daughter of James Cooley, Cynthia Cooley Vest, along with other family members, in order to support full-time pre-engineering and engineering students who have completed at least 44 quarter units. The scholarship will benefit La Sierra students while honoring the life of James Cooley, Civil Engineer.

Lester H. Cushman Endowed Scholarship
Lester Harvey Cushman was a charter student at La Sierra when the school opened as an Academy in 1922. He graduated from La Sierra Academy in 1924 and Pacific Union College in 1930. He received a Masters Degree in Mathematics from the University of Southern California in 1939. He completed most of the work on his Ph.D. in Mathematics, but did not complete it because of his obligations to his two children, Arthur who was born in 1943 and Sylvia who was born in 1944. He married Pauline Hemphill in 1931. In 1967 he was married to Vivian Smith, the Dean of La Sierra Women from 1962- 1975. His parents, Elmer and Mary Cushman, moved to Jamaica shortly after Lester was born (1905) and served as missionaries. They returned to California after contracting malaria when Lester was about 10 years of age.

Lester had a photographic memory and could do complex mathematical problems in his head.  Other interests included Astronomy, Botany, and Electronics. After he retired, he and Vivian served as missionaries in Palau and Guatemala before Lester contracted a tropical disease and died in April of 1981.

Lester’s son, Arthur Cushman, received his B.A. LSU 63, M.D. LLU 69, and completed his residency in Neurosurgery in 1975 at LLU.

Lester embodied the spirit of La Sierra. His whole life was there. He will be remembered by his students and friends as Professor Cushman.

Paul S. Damazo Endowed Scholarship
To encourage students who were combining study and work, Paul Damazo founded this scholarship.

He believes in a strong work ethic and the importance of the practical application of knowledge acquired in the classroom. He recognizes that students who embrace the opportunities at La Sierra to be empowered for service and entrepreneurial endeavors should be rewarded with the receipt of this scholarship.

Davis Family Endowed Scholarship
The Scholarship has been established by members of the family and friends of the late Clark Davis, alumnus and former faculty member, to honor his memory and his contribution to the life and scholarship of the campus. It is the desire of those establishing the scholarship that an award be made annually to a student(s) who best demonstrates a determination and commitment to improve his/her academic performance. To that end, the scholarship(s) will be awarded to a student who holds at least sophomore status and who has shown the greatest improvement in academic performance as measured by grade point average. The scholarhip shall be awarded to a qualified student without regard for financial need.

Joseph and Tillie Giardina Student
Missions Endowment Fund
Joseph Giardina sailed alone from Italy at the age of 15, arriving at Ellis Island in 1920. He later moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and devoted himself to financially helping his family who still resided in Italy. Tillie Piraino, born in Streator, Illinois, moved to Milwaukee and met her neighbor, Joseph.  Both converted from Catholicism to Adventism and were married in 1953. They had three daughters— Joyce Parker and Ellen Clizbe reside in Riverside and Mary Ann Maynard deceased in 2002. Dedicated Christians, Tillie and Joseph supported the church work through selfless service. Their lives centered around their children and the church, with Christian education a priority for their own children as well as the children of others. Tillie and Joseph established this endowment to continue helping young people who desire to serve God through sharing the plan of salvation to those in foreign lands.

Leonard Alvin Gregory Scholarship
Leonard Alvin Gregory was born in 1925 at the St. Helena Sanitarium and quickly showed promise of becoming a hard worker by the age of nine, as a hay bailer on a friend’s ranch. He attended Adventist schools and met Marie Ann Guido while at Pacific Union College, whom he married in 1946. Leonard worked as a medical technician until 1953, and graduated from Loma Linda University’s medical school in 1957. The medical practice that he started in Portland Adventist Hospital continued for 20 years. Leonard and Marie were strong supporters of their local church and provided a Christian education to their four children, while assisting many other students with their tuition as well. Funds from this endowment will help students who demonstrate committed Christian involvement and work to help pay their school bills.

Hole, Rindge, Williamson Scholarship
When the founders of La Sierra University were searching for a place to locate their new school in the 1920s they eventually settled on California’s Inland Empire. The City of Riverside partnered with Willitts J. Hole, owner of thousands of acres of land in western Riverside, known as Rancho La Sierra as well as in La Habra to make available some land for the new school. La Sierra University has enjoyed more than 80 years of educational service on that site. Upon Willitts’ passing, Samuel Rindge took over operational control of the ranch until the sale of the property. Samuel Rindge was the son of Frederik Hastings Rindge, who owned the Malibu Spanish Land grant. Samuel’s daughter Ramona married Martin Williamson a prominent local architect. Now, descendants of Willitts J. Hole have established a scholarship commemorating the establishment of La Sierra on part of their original family estate. The Hole, Rindge, Williamson Scholarship is designed to assist students who work a minimum of 20 hours per week in support of their educational goals. The family’s goal is to give a helping hand to students who may have to work a bit harder than some, but who have potential to become outstanding citizens.

P.L. Howe Student Missions Scholarship
Parshall L. Howe, Ed.D. dedicated 43 years of service to Seventh-day Adventist education; his interest in mission service has been both strong and sustained.  In 1937, he and Adelia Swingle Howe began seven years of mission service in central Africa and the Middle East. The bulk of Howe’s career was spent teaching mathematics at PUC Prep School, and later at Pacific Union College. At PUC he was director of the student missions program and took pride in the numbers and quality of the student missionaries.  At age 57, Parshall and Adelia served as the oldest student missionaries when they spent six months in Uganda and Korea. After Adelia’s death, Howe married Myrtle Wakeham Hicks who comes from a family with impressive credentials as missionaries and educators. While Howe was never formally associated with La Sierra University, his son and daughter-inlaw, Vernon and Winona Howe, have taught for many years at La Sierra. In addition, his daughter-in-law and grandchildren, Andrew and Stephanie Howe, are La Sierra alumni. Awards from this endowment are given in recognition of outstanding service by student missionaries.

Luther P. and Pearl C. Hughes Memorial
The Hughes Endowed Memorial Scholarship was established through a trust. The founders desired to assist full-time undergraduate students with financial need, who are diligent in their studies and have a grade point average of 3.0.

Willard J. and Irene Humpal Scholarship
Willard and Irene Humpal will be remembered for their love of young people and for their value of education. The Humpals’ four children are all successful professionals. Kay, Richard, Joan and Dianne benefited from an education received at Adventist institutions of higher education, two being alumni of La Sierra University. The family tradition continues with three grandchildren and two step-grandchildren having also attended La Sierra. The scholarship endowment was established from the Willard J. and Irene Humpal Trust funds to help dedicated students who might face particular challenges to succeed academically.

Irvine Foundation Scholarship
James Irvine established the James Irvine Foundation in 1937 as “a private charitable foundation dedicated by its character and to the trust it administers to the promotion of the general welfare of the people of California.” Grants from the Irvine Foundation are limited to California organizations that do not receive substantial support from taxation. The foundation concentrates on five major fields: higher education, medicine and health care, youth programs, community services and cultural programs.  Although the Irvine Foundation does not often fund endowments, it has established an endowed scholarship for students of La Sierra University.

Frank W. and Beverly Jobe Scholarship
Quality of life for the human shoulder has dramatically improved through the research and surgical procedures of Frank W. Jobe, M.D., who co-founded the National Athletic Health Institute in 1972. After serving as a paratrooper with the 101st Airborne Division in Europe during World War II, he completed his undergraduate work at La Sierra College and medical studies at Loma Linda University, then joined the pioneer sports medicine practice of Robert Kerlan, M.D. The Kerlan Jobe Orthopedic Clinic in Inglewood, California, assists professional athletes from teams such as the Lakers, Rams, Kings, Angels and Dodgers, where Dr. Job is currently the team physician. Beverly Anderson Jobe of Bloomington, Illinois, a successful business woman, has devoted herself to cultural and philanthropic activities such as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Music Center’s Blue Ribbon 400, and the downtown Women’s Center. The Jobes established this scholarship fund to benefit outstanding juniors and seniors in the College of Arts and Sciences with financial need, academic merit and keen analytic skills.

Fred Johnsen and Evelyn Nethercott Johnsen Scholarship
This fund was established by Evelyn Nethercott Johnsen and her sons, Chris Johnsen and Leigh Johnsen.

The scholarship it creates honors the lives, accomplishments, and values of Fred Johnsen and Evelyn Nethercott Johnsen.  The couple was married in 1943 and resided in the San Francisco Bay Area and Placer County, California, where Fred led a career as a civil engineer and Evelyn as a housewife.  Both were active in the Berkeley, Pleasant Hill and Meadow Vista Seventh-day Adventist Churches, where they held posts as elder, treasurer, and deacon and deaconess, and nurtured youths in Sabbath School, Pathfinders, and local education.  A veteran of World War II and the Battle of the Bulge, Fred also chaired the boards of the Meadow Vista Water District and Pine Hills Junior Academy, in Auburn, California, during the 1970s.  This scholarship perpetuates the couple's commitment to Seventh-day Adventist youth and education.

Clarence and Ellen Judd-Peterson Scholarship
Ellen enthusiastically recalled attending La Sierra Academy the first year it opened. She remembered working four hours a day at $0.20 per hour, climbing down a ladder at night to pick watermelons (since there were not yet stairs to the women’s dormitory), being house-bound for some of that mischief and the lifelong friends she made. She earned her RN degree from the Los Angeles Methodist Hospital, graduating 15th out of 495 in her nursing class. In 1957 she married Clarence Peterson, an electrical contractor in Los Angeles, with whom she enjoyed traveling around the world. After his death in 1985, Ellen established two foundations, the Ellen and Clarence Peterson Foundation and the Walter and Alma Peterson Support Foundation, in honor of Clarence’s brother and sister-in-law. This scholarship, which assists students in financial need, honors her mother, who always gave 20 percent to the church.

Judson Family Scholarship
The Judson family has been involved with La Sierra since it opened in 1922. Herbert helped build it, donating hard labor and monetary gifts, as well as teaching and managing the agricultural department after earning his master’s degree from the University of Tennessee. His sons, Julit and Frank, attended the school when it was La Sierra Academy and Southern California Junior College respectively. Frank was instrumental in building the campus dairy, after which other dairies in Southern California were modeled. In 1963, Frank was called to Madison College in Tennessee to help their agricultural department, where he worked until his death in 1984. This endowment was begun in Herbert’s memory and was supplemented upon Frank’s death.

La Sierra University Golf Tournament Scholarship
In 1986 alumni of the La Sierra Campus of Loma Linda University began a tradition that continues today. They invited alumni and friends to join together in an annual golf tournament that would help raise funds for an area of greatest potential and need: student scholarships. The event was important to the original creators of the tournament because of their own special experiences at La Sierra. It continues today as a way for alumni to keep in touch with each other while helping to build a strong and promising future for students.

Lillian Phang Lee
This fund was established by Dr. George Lee in loving memory of his wife, Lillian Phang Lee for students majoring in the humanities and planning on attending medical school. Lillian graduated from La Sierra University in 1962 with an English major and successfully finished a degree in medicine. She completed residencies in pediatrics followed by a fellowship in public health. Her professional career was uninterrupted service in Los Angeles County. Wholly committed to her responsibilities, she worked long hours to meet the challenges she saw every day as a medical director. She confronted the inefficiency and the diverson of the resources from those needing it most—the suffering, uninsured and disadvantaged. She was dedicated to identifying health problems and in designing and enacting solutions to these problems for the clients in the region.  She accomplished much with her dedication and “gentle leadership.”

Her education was all in Seventh-day Adventist schools. Along with her family members, her church and her education in Seventh-day Adventist schools, were the sources of her Christian values. She was well respected by her colleagues and fellow students as evidenced by their contributions to this scholarship. Lillian was a loyal daughter and devoted mother, always attentive to the needs of her family. This scholarship is a fitting legacy to her and her commitment to make the world a better place for everyone.

Thomas A. and Helen Little Scholarship
Thomas A. Little’s early memories were filled with reporters, stories and deadlines and the legacy of a father who started his own newspaper in Virginia. Thomas first worked as a reporter for the Detroit News, and then later earned a bachelor’s degree from Washington Missionary College (Columbia Union College), a master’s degree at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and a Ph.D. in American Literature from the University of Nebraska. His areas of specialty were English and American literature, linguistics and journalism. Dr. Little taught at Walla Walla College and Union College, where he met his future wife, Helen Foreman, an English major. They came to La Sierra where he headed the English department for 12 years and she taught for 26 years. This endowment was created by a former English major and her husband, with additional gifts from friends upon Dr. Little’s death.

Robert Lorenz Memorial Sholarship
This scholarship honors Dr. Robert Lorenz. Not only did he actively support Christian education, he was a tireless ambassador for La Sierra University, always seeking to publicize the excellent educational environment on campus and ensure that students had the opportunity to attend. During his lifetime he was known as “Mr. Alumni.”

Yacoub and Ellen Nashed Scholarship
The establishment of this endowment fund by Yacoub and Ellen Nashed caps a lifetime of generous support for and a deeply rooted personal commitment to Christian higher education and the mission of La Sierra University. By their gift, the donors endorse the university’s purpose of serving God and society by educating young men and women in an environment of integrated faith and inquiry. The endowment further serves the accomplishment of the University’s mission by creating a perpetual resource of financial support for future students in any discipline whose resources may not otherwise permit them to attend La Sierra University and prepare for a life of service.

Wanda A. Price Memorial Scholarship
This memorial scholarship was established as a tribute to Wanda A. Price by her husband Dr. Thaine Price and their sons Steve and Jeff. A classic example of love at first sight, Thaine and Wanda married one year after meeting one another. For 46 years of marriage, that love, respect and admiration grew until her untimely death of ovarian cancer. This endowment is for science majors, preferably those interested in going into graduate studies in basic cancer research.

Harry Schrillo Scholarship
Harry Schrillo arrived at La Sierra Academy at the age of 14 and graduated from Southern California Junior College in 1936. His medical training was then interrupted by an extended illness. While recovering, he helped his father with a new machining company in a rented garage. In 1938, Harry became one of two vice-presidents for Schrillo Co. That year he married another graduate of his alma mater, Florence Jones. They were especially generous with gifts of time, energy and money to help Christian education in elementary, post-graduate and professional schools, La Sierra in particular. Harry was active in the West Hollywood Rotary Club, Southern California and Pacific Union Conference Executive Committees, several hospital boards and served as chair for the Board of Counselors of Loma Linda University. Students, faculty and alumni recipients of needed scholarship, research or seminar funds generated by this endowment have demonstrated an attitude “To love and help others.”

Eva Specht Memorial Award Fund
This award was established in memory of Eva Specht. Although widowed at an early age, Eva made sure all six of her children received an Adventist Education through college.

Emanuel E. and Jane Breese Trefz Scholarship
Emanuel and Jane Trefz honored La Sierra University and lovingly remembered students as they strive to obtain a Christian education by establishing a trust, which came to La Sierra in 1982. This endowment is intended to assist junior and senior students who show scholastic promise and demonstrate financial need for tuition or other school expenses.

Howard D. Welty Loyal Son and Daughter Scholarships
Howard Welty was a Riverside businessman who, after the death of his daughter, established the Welty Loyal Daughters Award and the Welty Loyal Sons Awards. Each year he personally awarded these funds to students selected by La Sierra’s faculty. He took a great personal interest in the recipients, corresponded faithfully with them and each year took them to lunch. Mr. Welty intended for his entire estate to be dissolved by awarding funds to worthy students, and this endowment, created in his name, still benefits La Sierra University students.

Paul and Evelyn Wickman Scholarship
In just three years Paul Wickman finished his training at La Sierra while pitching hay at $.25 an hour to help reach his dream of becoming a Seventh-day Adventist evangelist. Soon after serving as dormitory dean at Pacific Union College, he was given an evangelist position when Charles T. Everson became ill, with whom Paul had been an intern. In 1938 he traveled to South Africa where he baptized over 2,000 people in six years during World War II. Back in the U.S. he became associate secretary for the Religious Liberty Association then department secretary for the newly organized General Conference Radio Department in 1946. He changed careers again to become the national director of development for Easter Seals, then director of public relations for Schering Pharmaceutical. He then managed his own pharmaceutical company until 1983. Paul Wickman created this endowment to help build the spiritual growth of students in financial need.

Robert L. Wheatley Memorial Endowment
Robert L. Wheatley dedicated his life to the ministry of Christ in serving others. He earned his Ph.D. from California Graduate School of Theology in church administration and served as pastor to the 850-member North Park Seventh-day Adventist Church. His ministerial care came to La Sierra University Church in 1976, where he focused on visiting hospital patients, shut-ins, the bereaved, new church members and those in need of spiritual counseling. As an alumnus of La Sierra University, Pastor Wheatley wanted to ensure that his ministry would continue. So before his death on June 17, 1993, Pastor Wheatley remembered La Sierra University in his estate plan to benefit future worthy students.

Ivan and Erma Williams Scholarship
Ivan Elvas Williams, born the second of four children in Colorado in 1922, spent most of his youth helping his family operate their 5,000-acre cattle ranch. He attended Union College and was then accepted to the College of Physicians and Surgeons in San Francisco in 1943. He met his future wife while attending classes on active duty and graduated with a degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery in 1946.  After a tour of duty in Japan and Korea he returned to his dental practice in 1953. Ivan practiced dentistry for more than 40 years, served as church head elder, a trustee of Feather River Medical Center, member of the Northern California Conference Executive Committee and retired in 1986. Erma was born in North Dakota to a family that experienced hardship and were unable to provide her with a Christian education. She dedicated her life to nurturing and helping youth of all races achieve their academic and personal potential. This endowment is intended to assist students in obtaining a Christian education.

Roy and Gladys Williams Scholarship
Roy Williams was born in Missouri in 1885, one of 13 children. Due to various circumstances he always regretted being prevented from obtaining a formal education beyond a few elementary grades. However, he always cared for the welfare of others and was a devoted witness of God’s blessings to those around him. Born in South Dakota in 1895, Gladys was one of four children. Her father was a Seventh day Adventist minister and she had the privilege of a Christian education from elementary school through Union College, where she took a secretarial curriculum.  She worked at the Nebraska Conference before marrying Roy. They had four sons, but because of the depression and drought years, were unable to provide a Christian education until their college years. With great personal sacrifice, they helped three of their sons attend an Adventist college. Awards from the Roy and Gladys Williams Endowment are to aid families facing similar circumstances.

Class of 1950 Scholarship
The Class of 1950 Scholarship was established in March 2000 in response to the university’s expressed need for student scholarships. Enthusiastic class members gave generously to create the first-ever class scholarship, begun in recognition of the class’ 50th anniversary reunion.

Class of 1951 Scholarship
The Class of 1951 Scholarship was created in March 2001 by class members who wanted to recognize their 50th anniversary by supporting current students in their academic endeavors. Jointly with the scholarship, the class initiated the John T. Hamilton Memorial Terrace and Honor Wall.

Class of 1953 Scholarship
Members of the La Sierra University Class of 1953 announced The Class of 1953 Endowed Scholarship at the 80th Anniversary Homecoming banquet, February 27, 2003. The class members donated the funds for this scholarship so that current students could also be empowered by the experience of attending La Sierra University.

Class of 1960 Scholarship
The Class of 1960 Scholarship was established in March 2000 by Class members and friends who wished to recognize the 40th anniversary of their graduation from La Sierra by assisting a worthy student.

Class of 1961 Scholarship
The Class of 1961 established this scholarship in January 2001 as a 40-year gift to the university. Class members donated the funds to be used for student scholarships.

Class of 1962 Scholarship
The Class of 1962 Scholarship began in March 2002 at the time the class celebrated its 40th anniversary reunion. The class members wish to ensure that young people today are able to benefit from the same educational opportunities they had.

Class of 1994 Scholarship
Led by their class president, Franklin Westhout, with the guidance of their faculty sponsors, Gary Bradley, Ron Graybill and Janet Weighall, seniors in the Class of 1994 established this scholarship as a gift from their class to the future students at La Sierra University. The funds are to be awarded to a graduating senior whose major is in the College of Arts and Sciences.


James A. and Delpha Marchus Crane Scholarship
The James A. and Delpha Marchus Crane Endowed Scholarship has been established to provide financial assistance for deserving students at La Sierra University who are enrolled in the pre-nursing or pre-medical programs. Dr. and Mrs. Crane are graduates of Loma Linda University – he from the School of Medicine in 1935 and she from the School of Nursing in 1932. Mrs. Crane graduated from La Sierra University (then named Southern California Junior College) in 1928. Education has played an important role in the life of the Crane family and it is their desire to assist able students who have shown an interest and aptitude for successful study in the healing arts.

Margaret Ellen Rickard Scholarship
Margaret Ellen Rickard was the second child of Margaret Vernon Rickard. In her brief twenty years from 1945-1965, she lived to serve others. Her aim was to master and teach the French language in a Seventh day Adventist school where students prepare for lives of service. She studied her first year at La Sierra College and successfully completed her second year at the Seminaire Adventiste du Saleve in France.  After passing the French Government national examinations, she and three other female students decided to complete their year abroad program with a short visit to Spain. On their return trip, she and two of the girls were killed in an automobile accident while one girl survived. Because of her desire to serve and in recognition for her love of the French people, this endowment has been established in her honor to aid students in the pre-nursing program.


Anees A. Haddad Scholarship
The recipients of this scholarship are international students who for financial reasons might not benefit from the Christian educational environment at La Sierra University. The scholarship is named for Anees A. Haddad, a long-time La Sierra Professor of Sociology and Family Studies, former Director of the Division of Behavioral Sciences and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Dr. Haddad’s career of excellence as teacher, scholar and academic administrator represents the best of La Sierra’s cross-cultural tradition which has enriched the lives of all individuals in the La Sierra community.

Nellie Nehme Haddad Memorial Scholarship
Nellie Nehme Haddad, born in a picturesque mountain village in Southern Lebanon, soon moved with her family to Beirut. While attending Middle East College, she met and married Anees A. Haddad.  A few years after the birth of a son and twin daughters, Nellie began experiencing heart problems related to her childhood rheumatic fever. Through her husband’s determination, the family came to Loma Linda University Medical Center, where Nellie was the first patient to receive a double valve replacement. Although she endured many additional surgeries, Nellie’s attitude of courage and optimism, love of family and grandchildren and artistic talent did not leave room for complaints in her life. Her family and friends established this endowment in memory of Nellie and her attitude of always helping others.

Lam Family Scholarhsip
The Lam Family Endowment has been established by Harry, Fred and Charles Lam to aid Chinese students from Hong Kong, China, Singapore and other Asian countries. The Lam brothers desire to encourage students toward academic excellence. They especially want to help students who have been serving the church and wish to further their studies and return to serve their homeland.

Tracy Teele Memorial Scholarship
Tracy Teele shaped much of what La Sierra University is today. Except for a $15 gift, he earned his entire way through academy and college without loans or scholarships, and on graduation day married Marilyn Manuel. He immediately became dean of men at Monterey Bay Academy, then dean of men at La Sierra at the young age of 26, and later served as vice president for student affairs. Tracy instituted the first Seventh-day Adventist resident assistant program; helped design Sierra Towers; initiated student counseling centers and freshman/parent orientation weekends; and marketed La Sierra to international students. After helping feed 300 Vietnamese refugees, Tracy adopted and educated three of them. He earned a master’s of education from Boston University and completed course work for his doctorate in student personnel administration in higher education from the University of Denver. Tracy died at the apex of his career at age 49. This memorial scholarship was created to aid worthy students in financial need.

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