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Funds & Endowments

Wilfred J. Airey History Chair Endowment Fund
The Wilfred J. Airey History Chair Endowment Fund is to be used to fund a teaching chair for the department. Once the fund is fully funded the University shall hire the Wilfred J. Airey Professor of History. Until that time the fund may be used to hire contract or part-time teachers to be known as “Wilfred J. Airey Lecturer in History.”

Backus American Freedoms Endowment
The Florence and Eleanor Backus American Freedoms Endowment was established with a bequest to memorialize these two Riverside residents.  Their ancestor, Isaac Backus, was a member of the first Continental Congress, a dissenter who fought the imposition of religious taxes and generally championed the cause of religious freedom. The endowment is to be used within the spirit of the Backus’ interest in First Amendment freedoms, including expenses and lecture honoraria, library books and to fund research projects related to First Amendment topics.

James F. Barnard Fund
This endowed fund was founded by James F. Barnard to benefit the Heritage Room at La Sierra University. Being an alumnus of La Sierra University and having a strong affinity for Adventist history, Dr Barnard wished to pay tribute to his alma mater by funding the Heritage Room.

Frances L. and E. Jane Brown Music Library Endowment
The Frances L. and E. Jane Brown Music Library Endowment bears the name of two sisters, whose parents moved from Nebraska to La Sierra in 1923 for the purpose of giving their children the benefits of a Christian education. One of those sisters, Frances, became an esteemed member of the La Sierra music faculty, teaching vocal music for many years. The other became a physician. The endowment was established by Dr. E. Jane Brown to fund future purchases of materials for the Frances L. Brown Music Library. The Library is an essential anchor point for the Music program at La Sierra University and an essential foundation for sustaining departmental excellence. The library honors the contributions and memory of Frances L. Brown. During her tenure at La Sierra, Frances helped to establish a tradition of excellence in the vocal studies program. She also served overseas at Helderberg College in South Africa. There she had the distinction of founding the first and well-known touring a cappella choir on the continent.

Virginia Richards Cason Endowment
This fund is established by Walter Cason to honor his wife, Virginia Richards Cason, and is intended to benefit the Women’s Resource Center at La Sierra. Throughout her life Virginia Cason has actively championed the empowering of women in society and especially in the church. Funds shall be used to provide educational enrichment for women. Award recipients shall be selected based on financial need and strong interest via the normal university process.

Chan Shun Educational Fund
The fund is established in memory of Dr. Chan Shun to recognize the enormous and invaluable impact of Dr. Chan’s exemplary service to enhance the well-being of humanity. The founders of this fund wish to provide opportunities for Asian Seventh-day Adventists to benefit from the educational resources available at La Sierra University so that they may be better equipped workers for evangelistic work and service in Asia.

College of Arts and Sciences Faculty and Special Purpose Fund
Realizing the ever present need to upgrade University programs and faculty training, Dr. Ed Allred created this fund to assist the College of Arts and Sciences in keeping abreast of new concepts, trends and technology in higher education.

Dorothy Minchin Comm Distinguished Speaker Series
This fund is established to ensure the continuation of the La Sierra University English and Communication Department Lecture Series, and was established by former students, friends, alumni and colleagues in honor of Dorothy Minchin Comm.  Although born in Wichita, Kansas, Dorothy lived all over the world with her missionary family.  Her schooling began in Singapore and continued in Australia, New Zealand, Washington, D.C., Canada, and England. She graduated from Atlantic Union College in 1950.   During her first year of teaching, Dorothy met Walter Comm, the young minister who would become her husband. Their lives together were no less peripatetic than Dorothy’s childhood, but exposure to many places and cultures led to Dorothy’s informed world perspective and reinforced her abiding love for travel. The couple worked in Newfoundland, the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Canada, and the Philippines before they arrived at (then) Loma Linda University in 1978.  Along the way, they acquired two children and a number of degrees—a B.D. and D.Min. (Walt) and an M.A. and Ph.D. (Dorothy). Dorothy, as Professor of English, would teach, first at LLU and then La Sierra University, until she retired in 2001.

Dorothy Comm, a beloved and dedicated teacher, is also a prolific writer, a public speaker and a gifted raconteur. Although she misses teaching, Dorothy says that as long as she has her music, her books, and her writing, she has no problem with retirement.

Contempo Fund
The Contempo Fund was founded in 1992 by the La Sierra Alumni Association. La Sierra University enjoys a beautiful campus and this endowment will support capital improvements, equipment and landscaping at La Sierra University.

Drayson Student Life Endowment
This endowment was founded in 1998 in honor of Dr. Ronald D. Drayson. As a long-time member of The Friends of La Sierra and a dynamic leader at Loma Linda University, Dr. Drayson was actively involved in the improvement of student life. With academic degrees in theology, Biblical languages, educational counseling and law, coupled with grace and a lively sense of humor, Dr. Drayson interacted easily, intimately and effectively with a diverse array of communities – particularly students. Over the years, Ron and Grace Drayson have made many important gifts to La Sierra including a major Trust, valuable property and the funding for the renovation of the Hole Memorial Auditorium. This endowment will support campus activities as a tribute to the Draysons’ life-long commitment to improving student life.

Thomas S. Geraty Chair in Ministry
Yin Fong Chan has lived an exemplary life of humble Christian service. Dr Chan retired at 44 as a textile manufacturer, and at the time the chair was founded, continued to be a role model at the age of 84. He wanted to support the university because four of his seven children attended La Sierra and he said he wanted to share his blessings with the institution. Truly he has developed his God-given talents and used them humbly and faithfully in ministry. In order to ensure that faculty in the School of Religion at La Sierra University will continue to provide the best education in ministry, he established an endowed chair. Dr. Yin Fong Chan has chosen to name the endowed chair as the Thomas S. Geraty Chair in Ministry to recognize Dr. Geraty’s contribution as an educator, administrator and minister in the Seventhday Adventist church for more than 40 years on three continents. For 11 of those years, he and his late wife, Hazel, worked as missionaries in China, home country of Dr. Yin Fong Chan. Dr. Geraty has taught, preached and lived the gospel tirelessly, continuing to volunteer at La Sierra University until his death in December 2013.

Anees A. Haddad Endowment for Cross-Cultural Studies
Income from this fund is used to fund student’s faculty’s and visiting professor’s teaching, research, and publication activities that contribute to crosscultural studies in the College of Arts and Sciences department of History, Politics and Society.

Bashir Hasso Chair
Funds are used to fund the salary and/or research expenses of a faculty member in the School of Business whose motto is to create value and make a difference.

History Special Purpose Endowment
Proceeds from this fund benefit the History and Political Science Department for research, professional development, faculty book allowance and other purposes as determined by the department.

Dennis Krieger Memorial Endowed Fund
The Dennis Krieger Memorial Endowment was established by Dr. Ed Allred to help support special projects deemed as priorities by the president.

Iris M. Landa Excellence in Advising Award
After 32 years as an advisor, mentor, friend, and colleague to La Sierra University students, faculty, and staff, Iris M. Landa is beginning the next adventure in her life in June, 2007 – retirement! In 1986, Mrs. Landa was the first of nineteen La Sierra University faculty and staff to be recognized for excellence in advising by the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA). Since mentoring students holds such a special place in her heart, this endowed fund named in her honor will provide an annual cash award to recognize and reward academic advisors who have demonstrated both commitment to and a successful track record in advising. Established by Alina Sanchez, one of Iris Landa’s former student assistants on behalf of the numerous La Sierra College and La Sierra University students who benefited from Iris Landa’s mentorship during her career as Director of Advising and Orientation, this fund has received support from many of Iris’s colleagues, former student assistants, advisees, and other friends.

Paul J. Landa Lectureship Endowment Fund
This fund was established in memory of Paul J. Landa to preserve the legacy he left-—his passion for intellectual integrity, faith commitment and engagement with the world at large. His entire career was devoted to fostering a healthy conversation among church, campus and community in which each informed and impelled the other.

Rasmussen Family Fund
The fund was established to facilitate the professional growth of the social work program. Funds are used to enhance the scholarship of the faculty and students.

Stahl Center Endowment
The Stahl Center Endowment was founded in 1988 to support the Fernando and Ana Stahl Center for World Missions. This endowment is intended to support student scholarship through subsidy and world mission experience. It is also for student research and the funding of the Stahl Center museum, which is richly grounded in the heritage of Seventh-day Adventist missionaries.

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