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School of Education

Dortha G. Airey Scholarship
Dortha Bly Gorsuch, born in Sargent, Nebraska, on June 21, 1912, experienced early childhood amid the hardships of her homesteading family in Eastern Montana. A dedicated colporteur introduced her parents to the Seventh-day Adventist faith, after which they made great personal sacrifice to send their daughters to church school and Mount Ellis Academy. In 1939, Dortha married Wilfred Airey, and in 1968 completed her elementary education major on the La Sierra University campus of Loma Linda University. Dortha taught in the Alvord School District for more than 25 years, was active in the La Sierra College Alumni Association and enjoyed traveling extensively. Because life was more rewarding than she had ever dreamed it could be, Dortha expressed the desire that an endowed scholarship in elementary education be created to support future teachers.

Clarence Jesse and Marie Buhalts Boyd Scholarship
This scholarship was established to honor the memory of Clarence Jesse Boyd and his wife Marie Buhalts, who dedicated their lives to Christian education as teachers and administrators. Awards are to be given to a graduating senior completing a major in biology, chemistry, physics or mathematics, and who is preparing for a career in secondary teaching. The scholarship will assist students entering in the fifth year teacher certification program at La Sierra University.

Viktor and Vera Christensen Scholarship
Viktor and Vera Christensen dedicated their lives to Seventh-day Adventist education. By profession, Viktor spent over 40 years in various aspects of education—in teaching and in preparing others to teach. Even in retirement, Viktor continued to devote a large portion of his time to SDA education. By lifestyle, Viktor and Vera supported the cause of Seventh-day Adventist education. In addition to encouraging their own children as they attended Seventh-day Adventist schools from grade one through graduate school, Viktor and Vera provided “surrogate” family support for a large number of students, particularly those from other countries. In order to continue the lifework of Viktor and Vera Christensen, their children, Bj Christensen and Berit von Pohle, established a scholarship for students in the School of Education at La Sierra University. This scholarship is to assist students as they prepare to teach, with preference given to international students.

Dennis-Roehr Scholarship
This endowed scholarship, created to benefit graduate students in the School of Education, was made possible by two individuals in appreciation for the superb Christian education provided by Seventh-day Adventist schools. Robert Roehr was a Kentucky postman whose life hobby was careful planning in the stock market. He died at the age of 90 in 1987 with an impressive portfolio, which he generously shared with La Sierra University. Carole Dennis, registered nurse, and her husband Bob, teacher and vice principal of Loma Linda Academy, were also blessed when Bob was awarded a full year’s graduate assistantship from La Sierra University’s School of Education in 1988, to complete his Ed.D. degree. In gratitude for that help and with appreciation for their children’s Christian education (four are teachers, one a Seventh-day Adventist pastor), the Dennis family feels “Robert Roehr would be proud to see the returns on this investment.”

Hazel Mae Ellen McVicker Geraty Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship is established in memory of Hazel Mae Ellen McVicker Geraty by her family. Hazel was a beloved elementary school teacher. After graduating from Pacific Union College, Hazel taught for some 35 years in small and large Seventhday Adventist schools. In addition to teaching in the United States on the West Coast, East Coast (Takoma Park) and Midwest (Andrews University, Michigan), she taught in China and anchored the multi-grade Beirut Overseas English Church School. It is a tribute to her expertise and personality that although she moved throughout the world with her husband, there was always a prestigious and equally professional opportunity made available to her. In order to provide resources for promising young students entering the teaching field and as a tangible memorial to this dedicated, loving Christian and exemplary teacher, this scholarship has been established, initially with contributions in lieu of flowers at her passing. Family members and friends have contributed additional donations.

Maybel Jensen Memorial Scholarship
Although born in Wisconsin, Maybel Viola Jensen’s lifetime home was in La Sierra. Her parents, Charles and Mary Jensen, were farmers of Danish descent who believed in Christian education. Maybel earned a B.B. degree in 1925, from Union College. She then began a career that spanned more than half a century teaching in church schools, Hutchinson Theological Seminary, La Sierra Academy and Southern California Junior College. After receiving her M.A. degree in education from the University of Southern California, she taught in the education and psychology departments at La Sierra College for more than 40 years and supervised the development of Loma Linda University’s School of Education special education resources. This trust was founded in her memory after her death in 1981. Her bequest and gifts of time and dedication remind us that Maybel was a great benefactor of La Sierra University and Christian education.

The Jorgensen Family Scholarship
This fund is established to honor P. Arthur and Tove S. Jorgensen who left their homeland of Denmark to serve the Seventh-day Adventist Church for 42 years in Europe, Africa, North America, the Caribbean and Southeast Asia. In addition to providing for their three children’s education, the Jorgensens tirelessly supported Seventh-day Adventist education by taking young people into their home, mentoring them and providing financial assistance. Their lifetime of global service is a testimony to the rewards of altruistic giving. Their children honor their parents’ legacy of faith and leadership through this scholarship.

Eliza Landeen Scholarship
Born in Sweden in 1891, William Martin Landeen came to the U.S. in 1915. He received his B.A. and doctor of law degrees from Walla Walla College (where he met his future wife), and a second doctorate from the University of Michigan. In 1924, the Landeens served the General Conference European Division, where he was educational secretary. He taught at the University of Pennsylvania, served five years as president of Walla Walla College and taught and held three terms as La Sierra’s president beginning in 1961. Eliza taught in several church schools, then reared and schooled their five children at home. While serving as a major in the U.S. Army under Patton, Dr. Landeen refused an order to destroy historical Nazi documents (that might later help explain the madness) and eventually donated 1,600 volumes of rare Nazi documents and books to La Sierra’s library. When Eliza died in 1965, Dr. Landeen set up this endowment in her memory to assist elementary education majors on the La Sierra campus.

Clinton H. and Shirley Mitchell Scholarship
Born in Illinois on April Fool’s Day, 1894, Clinton Mitchell still jokes about his sense of timing. He joined the Air Corps in World War I, but the war ended before he completed training. However, he eventually purchased his own airplane, bicycle and motorcycle shops. He took his family on many rigorous mountain camping trips. He was active in civic duty through Community Chest, United Way, Boy Scouts, a 70-year membership in American Legion and 34 years of perfect attendance in Rotary Club. Clinton believes young people need Christianity and education to succeed. For that reason he named his daughter-in-law when creating this endowment. “My son Bob married a wonderful Christian woman who has been a help and blessing in my old age.” Shirley (Parkhurst) Mitchell has taught for 31 years in Seventh-day Adventist elementary schools. This award is to help students training to become elementary and secondary teachers.

George True Simpson Scholarship
George True Simpson dedicated all 42 years of his career to Seventh-day Adventist education as teacher and principal, dean of men, professor of education and psychology, education department chair and most notably as founder of La Sierra’s School of Education. He was born in 1907 in Oregon, graduated with a B.A. from Walla Walla College, an M.A. from the University of Denver in 1947 and an Ed.D. from Columbia University in 1956. He came to La Sierra in 1947, where he remained until his retirement. Dr. Simpson pioneered degree programs in school counseling and psychology; received the Loma Linda University Meritorious Service Award in 1967 and the prestigious General Conference Medallion of Excellence in 1990. He also achieved the rank of Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Air Force, with active duty in World War II and reserve duty until 1968. Student recipients in the School of Education are reminded of a caring man with a warm sense of humor.

Floyd G. Wood Scholarship
The family established this scholarship at the death of Floyd G. Wood, professor emeritus of educational psychology and counseling. The scholarship continues his legacy, assisting and supporting students so that they successfully complete their degrees at La Sierra University.

Floyd G. Wood and George H. Mayr Foundation Scholarship
This endowed scholarship was created to assist worthy and deserving students in the School of Education, School Psychology and Counseling department, especially those in counselor education. The scholarship was established by a grateful student and alumna of La Sierra University, Linda Nottingham, in memory of a beloved and exemplary Christian professor, Floyd G. Wood who was not only a teacher, but a warm-hearted and generous friend. As a graduate student. Ms. Nottingham appreciated the subtle way that professor Floyd Wood taught the art of counseling. He was able to see students as colleagues and he understood that learning happened on both sides of the desk. Floyd G. Wood served at La Sierra University in various capacities including; dean of men, director of testing services and professor of counselor education.  He was well-respected in the church and community and known as someone who had the special gift of unselfishly helping others The initial donation was matched by a gift from the George H. Mayr Foundation, thus making it possible for more students to receive the benefit of an annual scholarship.

Yin Fong Chan Scholarship
Yin Fong Chan has worked tirelessly and given generously of the resources, with which God has blessed him throughout his successful business career to spread the gospel, build the Seventh-day Adventist church and help individuals obtain a Christian education. He established this fund to assist worthy graduate  students in the School of Education at La Sierra University obtain teaching credentials, and graduate degrees. The School of Education at La Sierra University provides an excellent curriculum for Christian educators. Graduates are administrators and educators in Seventh-day Adventist schools throughout the world.

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