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Alumni Relations

Senior Class: Officer Expectations

Officer Expectations

  1. Communication and Attendance: All officers must make it a priority to attend all Officer Meetings, as well as Senior Class Events. Absences should only occur due to very serious situations (i.e. illness or death in family) and, whenever possible, Class Officers should be notified before the absence occurs. Maximum excused absences for President and Vice-President is 2; Maximum excused absences for other officers is 3.
  2. Duties: All officers need to fulfill the expectations of their role as listed in the "Officer Job Description" to avoid the need to resign their position. All officers will collaborate on all events.
  3. Academics: Officers must effectively balance academics and officer duties. It is strongly suggested that officers have no quarter with overload course units during the Senior Year. This is especially important Spring quarter.
  4. Participation: Officers are not limited to their individual officer duties, but are expected to participate in all of the Officer Meetings and Senior Class Events. This participation includes sharing ideas, setting-up for events, volunteering to work at events, taking care of supplies for events, networking, etc. The Class Officers are representatives of the Senior Class and must, therefore, be actively involved in every aspect of the class.

Consequences of Noncompliance

  1. When expectations are broken, whether it be failure in communication or failure to accomplish duties, an Officer Council Meeting shall be called to address the situation and determine a course of action.
  2. If an officer is unable to fulfill his/her required duties, the Officer Council Meeting must decide the following:
    1. if the officer shall maintain his/her position and have the remaining officers assist with his/her duties
    2. if the officer shall resign and the remaining officers assume his/her duties
    3. if the officer shall resign and a new officer be elected
  1. If a new officer is needed, that person shall be elected at the next meeting of the Senior Class or at an additional meeting called-for by the remaining officers. If a class meeting cannot convene, the resigned officer position shall remain unfilled.


Voted to amend, Senior Class Meeting, 11-3-09


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