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  1. Call Security at (951) 785-2222 and request that they meet you at the front entrance to the center.  (If you do not have a cell phone, there is a public phone by the market.) Security will disarm the alarm system – but note, the door is STILL locked (See #3 below)
  2. Turn on the light switch located by the door and the lamp on the entry table.
  3. You will need to prop open the front door. Place tape across the lock. The tape is located entry table’s top right drawer.
  4. Turn on the lights from the following control panels: 

    1. Lobby lights:  Turn on lamps next to the sofas
    2. Banquet Room lights:  The lights are controlled from the 10 light switch panels located in the main lobby.  Each panel corresponds to the direction/section of the room that you desire lighted.  
    3. Other lights can be turned on from the panel next to the men’s restroom:
      #  7 (Hall lights) 
      #11 (Restroom lights)
      #17 (East side wall lights in banquet room – if desired)

  5. Banquet Room Set-up 

    • Temperature:  2 temperature gauges are located on each side of the doors inside the banquet room. 
    • Ceiling Lights:  The switches to turn on the lights are located in the main lobby. (See #4.b)
    • Lights on West side:  Lights on the West side need to be screwed in to turn them on
    • Kitchen Area:   Turn light switch on by the back door and Switch #12 from the main panel in the kitchen

CLOSE-UP CHECKLIST (The reverse of the order above)

NOTE:  It is imperative that the room be returned to the pre-event set-up to ensure timely return of any security deposit made and future use of the center.


  1. Kitchen sinks are cleared of food and debris
  2. Counters are wiped down
  3. Floor is swept
  4. Trashcans are emptied into the trash bin located outside behind the center. New trash liners are added.
  5. All food items are removed from the refrigerator
  6. Oven and stove are turned off
  7. Lights are turned off (Switch #12 on the panel in the kitchen hallway near the back door.)

Main Banquet Area

  1. Tables and chairs are put back into the standard room set-up: 6 round tables with 6 chairs per table on the east side of the room
  2. Vacuum and/or pick up any debris
  3. Turn off air conditioner or heat
  4. Check the bathrooms to make sure toilets and sinks are not running
  5. Turn off from the hall panel outside the men’s restroom switch 7, 11, and 17
  6. Turn off ALL 10 light switches from the main panel in the lobby. Make sure that each one has a “click” sound to insure they are completely off. Light bulbs on the west side need to be unscrewed.
  7. Turn off all table lamps
  8. Remove tape from front door
  9. Call Security at (951) 785-2222 and have them come to set the alarm. You do not need to wait for Security

Thank you!
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