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Archaeology Discovery Weekend is an annual event in mid-November, sponsored by the Center for Near Eastern Archaeology and organized by its Archaeology Planning Committee. The schedule typically involves Saturday afternoon and evening and most of Sunday. Events include Lectures by world-class scholars on a common theme, a Middle Eastern banquet, a Teachers Workshop, a Kids Dig, hands-on lab activities, and a genuine Bedouin Hospitality Tent set up for refreshments. Past weekend subjects:

  • 2013 - Jerusalem
  • 2012 - Cyprus
  • 2011 - Egypt
  • 2010 - Mesopotamia, with a focus on Nineveh
  • 2009 - Jordan, with a focus on Petra

Archaeology Discovery Weekend Archives

The sixth annual Archaeology Discovery Weekend (2014) will feature the intriguing world of Maritime Archaeology, also known as Marine Archaeology, Nautical Archaeology, or Underwater Archaeology. Topics of interest:

  • Recovered shipwrecks on Cyprus (Kyrenia) and in Turkey (Uluburun)

  • The maritime travels of the Sea Peoples

  • The Mediterranean harbors at Carthage, Caesarea Maritima, and possible Ashkelon

  • The Galilee Boat

  • Roman maritime activity on the Dead Sea

Specialists from around the world will present their research.


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November 15-16, 2014

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