Academy of Visual and Performing Arts


AVPA requires a registration fee. Below are the amounts:

  • Single - $35
  • Two Students - $45 total
  • Three or more  $55 total

*A convenience fee of 2.75% will be applied to any online or credit card total.

Registration fees may be submitted through the following ways:

The 2014-2015 academic year for AVPA will officially start on Tuesday, Sept. 2, immediately following Labor Day. What is new this academic year is the implementation of a formal registration period which will begin August 18th and run until September 2.

In the music division, students enrolling in private music lessons will be enrolled in a set number of lessons for the fall which will culminate with our Fall Recital on December 14th. Students having lessons on Tuesday - Sunday will enroll for 14 lessons. Those having Monday lessons will enroll for 13.

A 7 percent discount will be offered to those who pay for the entire session of lessons (This works out to one free lesson). For those who choose not to pay their balance in full, we will offer a monthly payment plan which will have to be set-up prior to the first lesson. In addition, families who were enrolled in AVPA during the last year and enroll during our formal registration period(August 18-Sept. 2) will have their registration fees waived.

Please fill in the form as best as you can and return to our office where we will complete the registration process together.



Music Courses

Private Music Lessons:

Please note that you can select a private instructor by the following criteria:

  • La Sierra University Student Teachers
    • They are endorsed by their Master Teacher
    • Their music degree is in progress
  • La Sierra University Degreed Teachers
    • They are endorsed by their Master Teacher
    • They have a music degree
  • La Sierra University Master Teachers
    • They are current La Sierra University Music Faculty

Prices vary by length of lesson and by selection of teacher:

  • Student Teachers - 30 minute lessons, $25
  • Student Teachers - 45 minute lessons, $35
  • Student Teachers - 60 minute lessons, $45
  • Degreed Teachers - 30 minute lessons, $30
  • Degreed Teachers - 60 minute lessons, $55
  • Master Teachers - 60 minute lessons, rate varies...please inquire

Guitar (Group Lessons):

Have fun learning to play the guitar in a small class environment.  This 5-week course will get you started with the basic techniques you will need to begin playing songs for your own pleasure or for continued study for more advanced performance.  The class covers note reading, strumming chords, basic rhythms, and proper hand positions while learning simple songs and melodies. Class limited to eight students. Must have a minimum of three students for class to be offered.


*The student needs to have a guitar to bring to class and to practice on at home.

*Students will need to plan daily practice time throughout the week to complete the assignments  given in the class.

*Students will need to purchase the method book: Hal Leonard Guitar Method - Book 1 (second edition)

$125 not including book(s)

Ukulele (Group Lessons):

Even if you’ve never played an instrument before, you can learn to play the Ukulele.  This is a fun 5-week course that will get you started playing the Ukulele, strumming along to your favorite songs.  You will learn about basic rhythm for strumming different rhythmic patterns, while learning several chords to play songs that are covered in the class. Class limited to eight students. Must have a minimum of three students for class to be offered.


The student needs to have a ukulele to bring to class and to practice on at home.  The different sizes Soprano, Concert, and Tenor are tuned the same so any of these will be fine.

The instructor will give handouts in class to cover the material.

$125 not including book(s) 

Garage Band (Group Lessons):

Learn to work with one of the most popular and fun applications for creating music with a computer. Using the computers and piano keyboards in La Sierra University's Computer Music Lab, we'll go over basic audio and keyboard input and editing. We'll also explore some of GarageBand's hidden power user features and you can even try your hand at being a movie composer and by creating your own soundtrack for a short film. Class limited to ten students. Must have a minimum of three students for class to be offered.

Prerequisites: Basic music reading and basic piano skills.

$240 includes lab fee and materials