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Our Mission


The Biology Faculty actively supports the La Sierra University mission: to Seek, to Know, to Serve.  We believe that both Scripture and Nature speak to us about God.  The Biology Department’s curriculum provides both breadth and depth in both the Biological Sciences and Biomedical Sciences emphases and includes opportunities for research with faculty, experience in field biology, and training in biotechnology.  To support the continued success of our students in graduate or professional schools and in their careers, the Biology Department teaches about, and we expect students to master current foundational biological principles.  As such, the department’s curriculum is in accordance with the American Association for the Advancement of Science guidelines.  As faculty in a Seventh-day Adventist university, we respect and affirm each student’s faith journey and seek to expand their faith and knowledge of a creator God during their continuing quest for truth. 



The objectives of the Department of Biology are to help students better understand themselves and the living things around them, to develop a scholarly approach to the study of scientific information, and to prepare for careers in biology and in health care.


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