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Are you arriving or departing?*

Click on the field to select a date and time using the calendar. Dates are in US format: month/day/year.

If you are DEPARTING, make the arrangements to get to the airport on time. Domestic Flights you need to be at the airport 1 hour before your departure. If it's an international flight, you need to be at the airport 3 hours before your departure. Calculate how long it takes to be at the airport plus the hours you have to be at the airport before your departure and inform the time for you pickup. Example: If your international flight departs at 5pm and you live in Riverside, inform your pickup time 5 hours before 5pm or 12pm.


Arrival/Departure Airport*

If you are arriving, what city and country your flight will take off from?

USA Flight Connections*

Will you have any flight connections in the USA?

If you will have connection in your flight.

If you will have connection in your flight.

If you will have connection in your flight.

If you will have connection in your flight.

Will more people be with you?*

Will there be other people traveling with you?

Up to 4 people. Type the name and relationship of the people that will be traveling with you. One person per line.

Example: John Smith - Father

Fee and acknowledgement*

You will be charged one of the following amounts:

$95 from or to LAX (Los Angeles)

$60 from or to ONT (Ontario)

$75 from or to SNA (Santa Ana)

$85 from or to LGB (Long Beach)


If the driver needs to go inside and/or wait, the parking fee will be added to the price as follows:

  • 1st hour is free (no additional costs)
  • $3/hour after the 1st free hour
  • $2/ half hour after the first free hour

We encourage that each student keep in contact with the driver by calling or texting Ane Mari at (951) 840-0237.

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