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where academic investigation +
christian faith +
service to others unite

The La Sierra University Zapara School of Business develops leaders who create value and make a difference, and enlarge human understanding of business and society

To fulfill this mission, the school:

  • delivers a curriculum that stimulates creativity; reflects La Sierra’s Seventh-day Adventist Christian mission; and encourages moral responsibility, spiritual growth, collaboration, and economic and social entrepreneurship;
  • challenges students to redefine business and raise global living standards by building innovative products, markets, and organizations;
  • supports a co-curricular program that offers students distinctive opportunities to grow as leaders, develop business skills, and engage in global service; and
  • encourages faculty members and students to engage in wide-ranging creative, intellectual inquiry validated through professional practice and publication in scholarly books and journals.

Leadership in the Curricula

The Zapara School of Business is dedicated to helping its students become leaders who will enhance the lives of people and their communities using business skills and business creativity, and bring restoration and healing to a hurting world. Rooted in its Seventh-day Adventist Christian vision—marked by appreciation for the unique value and potential of each individual, the liberating nature of social cooperation, and the transformative value of service—the school’s commitment to leadership rests on five pillars:

Character—embracing a shared vision rooted in restoration and healing; treating others with dignity, respect and kindness; promoting justice and peace; fostering and modeling flourishing; being authentic and transparent; acting with courage, humility and accountability.

Community—understanding and valuing people with diverse characteristics, perspectives and lifestyles; empowering others to act; collaborating with and supporting others; resolving conflict; acknowledging others; embracing win-win thinking; promoting global awareness.

Creativity and critical thinking—challenging the status quo; solving problems using innovation and imagination; acknowledging and understanding that we are part of God’s good creation; rediscovering our created potential; finding meaning in everything we do; integrating, analyzing, and embracing new ideas; exhibiting curiosity and adaptability; valuing multidisciplinary approaches; thinking big.

Skills—making effective use of reason, argument and evidence; nourishing discipline-related skills; engaging in research, communication and self-expression; mastering the use of technology in business; demonstrating excellence.

Execution—accomplishing the task and modeling the way; applying the results of learning; serving others; being pro-active; being a change agent; increasing individual, business and societal value; assessing, synthesizing and evaluating; creating, designing, constructing, producing, developing, and inventing; nurturing others by inspiring, mentoring and guiding; synergizing.

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